7 Tips To Make Your Hairstyle Last Longer

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Imagine sitting for hours getting your hair curled, and the moment you are done, your hair goes back to being wavy, and straight in a few minutes. Sadly, most people with straight hair who try to curl their hair meet the same fate, as hairstyles usually don’t last very long if you don’t know how to make them stay. So, if you want to know how to make your hairstyle linger longer, we are here with the secrets. Read on to know them all!

1. Reduce The Use Of Heating Tools

Styling tools, even with a heat protectant, may dry out your hair, reducing the longevity of your hairstyle. For this reason, natural curls are best achieved with hair rollers or mousse treatments.

2. Don’t Wash Your Hair If You Plan On Curling It

Don’t Wash Your Hair If You Plan On Curling It
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When you wash your hair, you not only remove debris but also the scalp’s natural oils. Curling or waving your locks two or three days before washing them can improve their appearance, and help them last longer without the need for extra styling products.

3. Don’t Overuse The Conditioner

Don’t Overuse The Conditioner
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If you have fine hair, using a conditioner may make it seem  heavier and greasy. Instead, apply a small quantity of product to your hair and avoid getting it to the roots. After using a towel to pat your hair dry, you may begin drying and styling it as usual.

4. Blow Cool Air On Your Hair After Drying

Blow Cool Air On Your Hair After Drying
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If you must use a blow dryer, lower the heat setting to protect your hair. The final step in hairstyling is to blow dry your hair with cool air. This will aid in cuticle closure, extending the life of your hairstyle. Some models of hair dryers provide a convenient setting that simplifies this process.

5. Use Sulphate-Free Shampoo

Use Sulphate-Free Shampoo
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Use dry shampoo to clean your hair when you expect to sweat a lot, or immediately following a workout, for a hairdo that will stay longer. The oil in your hair may be absorbed and your hair might seem cleaner if you apply it to the roots. Experts also advise using sulfate-free shampoos after keratin straightening. The reason is, traditional products’ chemical and foaming components can undo the shaping, restoring hair to its original shape much more quickly.

6. Sleep With Your Hair Covered


Wrap the hair using a silk scarf before getting in bed. This will keep your hair from becoming dry and will shield it from the effects of friction. A pillowcase constructed from these fabrics is a wonderful option if you don’t like sleeping with your hair bundled.

7. Don’t Touch Your Hair

Don’t Touch Your Hair
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Even though you may be tempted to mess with your hair after leaving the salon, you should resist the urge. You might ruin your hairdo and introduce frizz by transferring dirt and oil from one section to another.

The Secret To Long-Lasting Curls

The Secret To Long-Lasting Curls
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Curling irons and wands designed for high-end use are typically coated either with a tourmaline or ceramic, which is gentler on hair than bare metal. Although top-quality curling irons are more expensive, they are worth it because they last for years, cause less damage to your hair, and heat up faster.

Don’t Touch The Curls

Unclip your hair after the curls have cooled, then tilt your head forward and give it a light shake to release the curls. To loosen the curls, run your fingers through them, but leave them a touch tighter than you’d want. Indeed, the curls will gradually loosen as the day progresses, but if you leave them tighter as you get dressed, they’ll stay put for much longer.

Use A Texturising Spray

Use A Texturising Spray
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Curls will maintain their bounce for longer when you use texturizing spray instead of hairspray since the former is less heavy on the hair and requires less product to get the same effect. Texturizing spray is fantastic since it amps up your hair’s volume and helps eliminate excess oil like a dry shampoo. Curls may be held in place with hairspray before or during the procedure, but a texturizing spray used at the end will assist keep them from falling flat. It will add fullness to your hair by giving it more volume and structure.

Curls and other styles don’t last long on hair that’s been severely damaged (especially with split ends). Get a haircut and show your hair some TLC! You may also learn how to avoid broken ends completely by following this advice. Keep in mind that frequent haircuts promote healthy hair development, so don’t be terrified of the scissors. Instead, we advise deep conditioning your hair using a hair mask, this is a fantastic short-term remedy for dry, damaged hair. So, what is your secret to maintaining your hairstyle for long? Let us know in the comments section!

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