7 Tips To Stay Clean and Fresh On Your Periods

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All thanks to newer and better sanitary hygiene products in the market, periods no longer feel like the end of the world. In fact, if cramps are reasonably kind to you, you won’t feel any different from any other day of your life. However, you need to maintain a certain level of hygiene during your periods to ensure you smell fresh and don’t invite any kind of infection to plague you. Here are a few tips to keep yourself fresh and clean during your periods. Read on to know them all.

1. Change Your Menstrual Hygiene Products Within The Directed Time

Change Your Menstrual Hygiene Products Within The Directed Time
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As you know, pads and tampons are intended for single use only. When the pad becomes full or if you have leakage, you should change it. It is recommended by professionals that a pad or tampons be changed every four to eight hours (1). If you use menstrual cups, you should take them out and empty them every 4-12 hours (2). You should never use a tampon or menstrual cup for longer than the manufacturer suggests. Toxic shock syndrome is characterized by high body temperature, shock, and perhaps organ damage if these hygiene care items are left in for too long.

2. Wipe Your Genitals From Front To Back After Urinating

Wipe Your Genitals From Front To Back After Urinating
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Washing your genitals is necessary after urinating, even when not on your period. But there is a direction you need to follow. Always wipe from the front to your back. Doing the opposite might lead to the transmission of germs and infections. Bladder and urinary infections often begin from improper hygiene practices.

3. Take A Shower Everyday

Take A Shower Everyday
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A warm shower might help you feel more comfortable during your period by eliminating any lingering scents or germs that may have settled in. To reduce the risk of contracting a virus or bacteria when on your period, clean the bathtub well with a disinfectant before using it.

4. Don’t Use Chemical Cleaning Products

Don't Use Chemical Cleaning Products
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There is no need to clean the genitals with external products because your body is made to do it automatically. The enzymes and discharges are self-cleaning. However, the pH balance in this area is sensitive and can be upset by cleaning methods and products, such as dunching, specialized soaps, and scented washes. If this occurs, you put your health at risk from infections and other issues. Warm water and soap can be used to clean the outer skin. However, you should exercise caution while applying perfumed products to it, as strong fragrances have been linked to various skin problems. Also, avoid perfumed pads and tampons. They might upset the equilibrium of essential chemicals in your genitals.

5. Wear Cotton Undergarments

Wear Cotton Undergarments
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Stay away from synthetic bras and briefs. Synthetic fabric doesn’t allow air to circulate. Therefore, they keep you sweating in your privates. In addition, it can cause yeast infections and itchy skin. Wearing cotton underwear helps reduce perspiration and body odor since it promotes good air circulation.

6. Switch To Cloth Pads

Switch To Cloth Pads
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Unlike disposable pads, cloth pads are designed to be reused and do not have hormone-disrupting chemicals. As a result, cloth pads allow the skin to breathe through and rarely develop a stench. As an added bonus, they won’t hold any lingering odors after a good wash and dry. Reusable ones also should be changed when they feel too heavy, wet, or unpleasant, much like sanitary pads.

7. Check With Your Doctor If There Is A Sudden Change In The Odor Of Your Discharge

Check With Your Doctor If There Is A Sudden Change In The Odor Of Your Discharge
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You must remember that faint period scents are typical and should not be the reason for alarm. Likewise, smells associated with menstruation are typically not detectable by others. However, you should see a doctor if you have a persistent “fishy,” “rotten,” or other unpleasant odor from your genitals or if you have other strange symptoms like stinking discharge, excruciating pain while urinating, or irregular menstruation.

Despite keeping clean and maintaining proper hygiene, many women feel they need to be more confident about how they smell during their periods. Even though you might feel the difference on your own, others probably won’t even realize it till you tell them yourself. Ensure you always keep extra sanitary products in your purse and avoid wearing light-coloured clothes if you fear leakage. Even if there is a leakage, you can go to the nearest washroom, change into a clean pad and wash the stained cloth. Once done you can change into a fresh pair of clothes when you get a chance. So, what is your favorite way to stay clean during your periods? Let us know in the comments section!

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