6 Tips To Walk Like A Pro In Heels

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There are two kinds of people on earth, one who wears high heels like it’s a part of their body, and others who can wear heels just when standing at a place with support. Your interest in this article shows that you belong to the second category who longs for gorgeous heels but can’t master the art of walking in them without snapping bones. Well, we feel you, and we are here to help you. This article contains the secrets from experts who have mastered walking in heels flawlessly. Read on to know them all.

1. Find Your Cinderella Shoes

Find Your Cinderella Shoes
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When we say Cinderella shoes, we don’t mean glass slippers. In fact, it’s hard for us to picture anyone wearing glass heels, let alone dancing in them. So what we mean is, find the heels that are made for you. Finding your comfort in heels can be tricky, but if you look for it, you will find it. If you find pencil heels too pinchy, wear wedges or block heels. Once you learn to walk in them, you can slowly switch to thinner heels with straps to protect your ankles. Once you are comfortable, you can say hi to stilettos.

2. Prepare The Shoes For Walking

Prepare The Shoes For Walking
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New shoes often give you blisters and shoe bites, but that is common for even the most comfortable shoes. The trick to making a shoe a little less pinchy is to prepare it perfectly for your feet. Several brands feature slippery, smooth soles to accommodate the height of the heels. However, anyone would have a challenging time keeping their feet anchored without slipping in them. You must roughen the soles by scraping them using sandpaper and inserting specialized stick-on insoles to increase traction. This will increase your grip and also provide a cushion for your feet.

3. Practice Walking At Home First

Practice Walking At Home First
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Before you plan on trodding the marbles or the aisle in your new heels, it is a good idea to practice walking in your house first. It will help you break into high heels and give you experience before heading outdoors. However, opt for softer surfaces like carpets instead of walking on harsh flooring. So even if you fall, you won’t directly hit the hard floor.

4. Watch Your Gait

Watch Your Gait
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Wearing heels can alter your gait, leading to a painful and awkward stride. Don’t put your feet together when you walk in heels. You should switch your weight onto your toes rather than your heels. If you do this, you’ll be able to walk with better stability. Gently arch your foot so your foot presses on the inside of your shoe. Doing so will adjust the shoe’s fit to be snug around your foot, allowing you more freedom of movement. Keep your knee straight until your feet are fully planted on the ground to give the appearance of an easy stride.

5. Maintain Your Posture

Maintain Your Posture
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Keep your stride as straight as possible. To do this, you must continuously align your feet so that one foot is directly in front of the other. You should pretend there is a straight line from where you are right now to where you want to be. When walking in heels, many people have a habit of looking at their feet. Stop staring at your feet and focus on what’s ahead. When walking, you can lean back ever-so-slightly, so you don’t look like someone who has put their feet in heels for the first time.

6. Be Careful On Stairs

Be Careful On Stairs
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Stairs and experimentation with heels don’t go too well, and you need to be very careful, even if you are an expert. The width and height of stairs are different everywhere, so you need to be extra cautious about where you place your feet and how you balance yourself. Step up using your toes to support your weight. You should lean forward slightly toward the railing and put both feet firmly on the ground as you go down the steps.

We know how appealing heels look, and they can convince you to purchase them even when you are unsure about walking in them. No matter how gorgeous they look, you need to try them on and ask yourself how many times you will wear them. Also, the terrain where you wear your heels matters. Walking on glass can make your heels budge in the ground. So, now that you know the tricks of acing your walk-in heels, are you ready to try it? Mention your favorite kinds of heels in the comments section.


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