Samantha And Chinmayi Trolled For Slamming Sandeep Reddy, Their Epic Reply Burns Trolls

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Kabir Singh, the already infamous Shahid Kapoor starrer that entered the two hundred crore club in just a few days of its release is spreading like an epidemic on social media. People have been taking sides based on the misogynistic content in the movie, and this includes the people of the industry as well. Even after multiple articles were written to criticise the movie to take a stand against such portrayal of relationships, there’s more waiting for this controversial movie and its team. Telugu/Tamil actress Samantha Akkineni and singer Chinmayi Sripaada lashed out at Sandeep Reddy, the director of the controversial movie, for glorifying abusive relationships. Now, the trolls are having a field day with Sandeep Reddy’s response.

The actress and the singer who are both known to have strong opinions took to the internet after watching Reddy’s interview with Film Companion’s Anupama Chopra. In the interview, he said, “If you don’t have the liberty of slapping each other, then I don’t see anything (love) there.”

Well, it’s not really surprising to hear this from the director of Kabir Singh after watching the movie, isn’t it? Now let’s take a look at how the comments by Samantha and Chinmayi ignited an ugly online spat within just hours after the interview.

“Deeply Disturbing”- Samantha

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Samantha shared an Instagram post on Sandeep Reddy’s interview with Anupama Chopra as her story, and she added “deeply disturbing” along with it. However, she was criticized by people saying that she had “double standards” because she appreciated Arjun Reddy and now she’s offended by the director’s comments. Also, they dug out movie scenes of Samantha getting slapped by a male actor to call her out as a pseudo-feminist.

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Samantha slammed the hate comments and trolls with her epic reply— “Liking the film .. and disagreeing with a comment are two different things . I loved the story of one Arjun Reddy’ .. not the generalisation that love means having the liberty of slapping people around.” With her latest movie Oh Baby doing really well at the box office, Samantha is probably standing on a level that’s too high to hear the haters.

Chimney opined that, “If a man is deeply connected with you – He will NEVER LAY HIS HANDS ON YOU”

Image: Instagram @chinmayisripaada

Chinmayi Sripaada, one of India’s most loved singers also took the clips of the Sandeep Reddy’s interview to Social media. She tweeted “If a man is deeply connected with you – He will NEVER LAY HIS HANDS ON YOU. He will NEVER slap you. He will NEVER TOUCH YOU without your consent. Women (and young boys) have been told for aeons that being beaten up is a sign of *Love* / *Discipline*. IT IS ABUSE!”

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She posted a long thread on the same topic so as to make it clear that abuse is not love. “I am in love. My husband loves me to bits. He didn’t have to hit me to prove that he is. Women stay in abusive marriages because men beat them up and then help them heal from the wounds that should have NEVER been there. Kids grow up in homes like this” she said in another tweet. Many women shared their personal stories of dealing with an abusive partner with Chinmayi and she posted them to spread awareness about the horror that such relationships are.

Image: Twitter
Image: Twitter

And as expected, the supporters of Sandeep Reddy and his idea of “masculine” love didn’t let Chinamayi get away with her tweets. They dragged in movie references from ages ago and criticized her for not being true to her words.

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It’s not just Samantha and Chinmayi who are expressing their disagreement with Reddy’s idea of love. His comments on love are clearly reflecting in Kabir Singh and the netizens who weren’t in favor of his ideology, lost it this time, after the interview. They slammed the director for justifying abuse in relationships on Twitter while the rest of the Twitterati took Reddy’s side.

“What an arrogant sexist prick this man #SandeepReddyVanga is! And insecure as hell. His film is a monstrous hit and yet he is rattled by what critics had to say. And no Mr. Vang’s, you do not call someone fat – that’s rude, offensive, inconsiderate and very politically incorrect”— Aseem Chhabra, a Twitterati expressed.

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On the other hand, Reddy’s fans applauded his remarks about love and depiction of reality that he made during the interview. They appreciated his honesty and boldness to speak his mind without worrying about the criticism his movie is being slammed with. They also lashed out on Anupama Chopra for pointing out the dark side of the movie.

“They all fake feminists r playing smartly but public is not fool, they clapped, Laughed & applauded #Sanju I want to ask why? Coz the producer of #Sanju is Anupama’s Husband? It is also one Kind Of Nepotism & I support #SandeepReddyVanga #KabirSingh”- tweeted Tarun Sharma, an offended fan.   

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It’s surprising how even young girls support movies like Kabir Singh. With the kind of box office collection and fan following Sandeep Reddy and his movie is harnessing, we cannot stop wondering what exactly the idea of love is for the millions of people who actually like the movie. Did you like Kabir Singh? What do you think about the remarks of Sandeep Reddy? Let us know in the comments below.

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