Top Signs You May Be Suffering From A Buildup Of Toxicity

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For many years, medicine has ignored the role of toxins in the internal and external well-being. The truth is, we all have a certain level of toxic growth inside our bodies that leads to a variety of problems. The most common forms of toxins in our body are the overgrowth of fungus, bacteria, and yeast. Finding symptoms caused by these toxins is hard as they are common issues that are easily neglected. Luckily for you, we have made these symptoms easy to spot.

1. Sugar Cravings

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If your craving for sugar and sweet products keeps increasing every day, it may be a sign of growing toxicity inside your system. Monitor your sugar intake and how often the cravings surface. While this is a common symptom of other issues in the body, it is good to be on the lookout.

2. Low Or Inconsistent Energy

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Lack of energy is a common by-product of growing toxins in your body. The inability to wake up on time each morning coupled with no desire to leave the bed should not be ignored. Having a healthy and energetic lifestyle goes a long way in ensuring overall and holistic well-being.

3. Bloating Or Gas

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If you are suffering from constant gas issues along with the problem of bloating, it is most likely due to toxins like fungi and other bacteria in your body. Get it checked at the earliest, as it is unhealthy and can hamper everyday activity.

4. Caffeine Addiction

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As if caffeine intake on an everyday basis wasn’t bad enough, addiction to caffeine is even worse. Toxins in your body induce the yearning for more caffeine, which leads to a vicious cycle of low energy at other times followed by gas issues.

5. Binge Eating Or Drinking

Eating your feelings is one thing, but binge eating or drinking on a regular basis may be alarming and needs to stop.

6. Mood Swings, Irritability, Or Anxiety

Suffering from regular pangs of mood swings, irritability, and anxiety is not only bad for the people around you, but is also an indication that everything is not smooth from the inside. An irritated body results in an irritated you.

7. Brain Fog Or Difficulty In Concentrating

If, lately, you have been having difficulty in keeping up with conversations and plans, or find yourself zoning out too easily, it’s time for a thorough health check-up. A common result of low energy and tiredness, brain fogging is also associated with internal toxin growth.

8. Fluid Retention

Bloating also occurs because of excess fluid retention in your body. Internal toxic growth and fungus have been found to be common causes of fluid retention.

9. Migraines Or Headaches

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While the cause of migraines and headaches can easily be attributed to external factors like loud music, direct sunlight, and hours spent staring at the computer screen or television, toxic presence in the body is the fastest to cause this pain.

The toxins in our organs disrupt the healthy functioning of the body, and it is imperative to fighting these problems. It can be done by detoxification of the mind and heart.

Do you know of any other signs of toxicity? Please let us know in the comments section.

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