Why Should You Train Harder On Weekends

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Our fast-paced lifestyle, odd office hours, and undue stress can leave us gasping for air. What it symbolizes is that we don’t have time; time to be fit, or to look after our health. So, what can you do about it? Exercise is the obvious answer! But, that’s easier said than done. Is there a way to fit a workout regimen into your routine, without disturbing your office schedule? Well, there is, and we call the solution ‘The Weekend Warrior’!.

Who Is The Weekend Warrior?

Some of you might know what it means, but to the dilettante, The Weekend Warrior is indicative of its name. According to med lit, a ‘weekend warrior’ is someone who stuffs (or spreads), the 150 minute weekly exercise requirement into two days. One would assume that a majority of people would be weekend warriors, given that it’s a more convenient option for those with a hectic lifestyle. However, a US national survey in 2007 concluded that around 1-3% of U.S. adults were “weekend warriors”. Moreover, the ones who did qualify as weekend warriors only fought their wars in the garden, rather than in the gym.

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What Is Weekend Warrior Syndrome?

So, you know what it means to be a weekend warrior, and you know how it can help you. But, what you might wonder now is whether it can have any negative effects. So, let’s talk about the Weekend Warrior Syndrome now.

The medical literature says that weekend warrior syndrome occurs when you rush into exercise and overexert yourself on the weekend. Typically, it occurs when exercisers feel guilty or lazy and wish to finish with their weekly quota on a Saturday. Your muscles have been dormant for a while, and you are trying to work them. While keeping active is important, remember that you must pace yourself. Ensure that you warm up; don’t jump straight into the routine. Beware Of The Weekend Warrior Syndrome!

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So, talk to your trainer and understand the best way to go about your exercise routine. Let him help you devise a good weekend warrior routine if you don’t have time in the week. He may tailor your program to fit your needs and may even ask you to perform some simple warm up routines everyday to keep in shape.

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Why Should You Train Harder On The Weekend?

There are many reasons for to you to consider becoming a weekend warrior. The research concludes that one must get the minimum acceptable amount or the optimal amount of exercise every week. One look at the sales of slimming teas, sauna belts, and other products should tell you that everyone wants a quick fix. No one wants to ‘workout’. It’s too hectic!

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According to the CDC, many people don’t meet the monthly or even weekly minimum acceptable amount of exercise requirements. In such cases, it is imperative that there be research on the effects of lesser amounts of exercise on the human body.

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The weekend warrior has its share of detractors; most notably, exercise gurus and sports medicine experts. However, they are beginning to wake up to the potential benefits of being a weekend warrior. According to them, getting the minimum acceptable amount of exercise every week is imperative. So, while being a weekend warrior has side effects, any exercise (even spurts of exercise), is better than no exercise. Dr. Jordan Metzl says, “While more consistent exercise is optimal, the clearest information is that doing nothing is the least favorable option, making any amount of exercise or activity helpful.”

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We hope you found the information useful. Do you know any weekend warrior routines? Share your tips with us below.

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