10 Fashion Trends That We Are All Tired Of Seeing Around

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What’s fashionable changes faster than seasons do. Unfortunately, people’s adoption of these trends doesn’t quite move at the same pace. Which means that even though the runway would’ve moved on to newer styles, people would still cling on to the previous seasons, viewing them as still very trendy!

However, while most trends seem pretty much wearable despite being a season or so old, some others just don’t cut it anymore. Here are 10 such fashion trends that have been done to death:

1. Fishnet Stockings With Ripped Jeans

Image: Instagram @ohanastore_ve

Popularized by the Kardashian/Jenner sisters in 2016, fishnets with ripped jeans is now a trend that should rest in peace. In fact, it doesn’t gain you any brownie points in the style department anymore. So, if you’re still doing it, don’t.

The Alternative: Ripped jeans are done. The latest trend is to wear a pair of straight (not skinny) jeans that has uneven edges.

2. Waist Bags

Image: Instagram

Also known as fanny packs, these made a comeback recently and they seem to have stayed. Why should you ditch them then? It’s simple. They are very hard to style, and if done incorrectly, you come off as borderline uncool. Aka. not cool.

The Alternative: Shoulder bags are always in so you can’t go wrong with them. Also, bags with a circular shape seem to be a rage right now!

3. Naked Dress

Image: Instagram @v_o_g_u_e____

This trend is so old, it’s even hard to remember when exactly it was born! Backed by almost all celebrities when it was new, this trend is now over. Naked dresses are really not elegant and can even look obscene.

The Alternative: If highlighting your curves is what you want, go for mermaid or sheath dresses. You can even try out those with asymmetrical hemlines.

4. PJ Suits

Image: Instagram @larisacostea

Invented for the ‘fashion forward’ businesswoman today, the PJ suits are just not powerful enough. Even though they ruled the runway and high fashion streets, they are now being relegated to where they belong – the bedroom.

The Alternative: Oversized suits are a great option if you want to break free from the tight and tailored suits. You can choose patterns like stripes or plaid, and pair them with chiffon or silk shirts.

5. Tassels/Fringes

Image: Instagram @layerboots

From bags to shirts and shoes, fringes were everywhere when this trend first hit the market! While it seemed cool when it first hit the shelves, now it looks common and straight out of the wild, wild West!

The Alternative: Instead of trying to look boho with a fringe bag, you can achieve the same effect with much more aplomb with a woven bag. In clothes, you could try out details such as flounces or ruche.

6. Tassel Earrings

Image: Instagram @thelittlemarket

As if tassels on your clothes, bags, and shoes weren’t enough, they found their way to your jewelry too! We’re talking about tassel earrings. Why should they be abandoned now? Let’s face it, somewhere even you know they look like curtain tassels used on stages, and they’re just not as elegant as they’re made out to be.

The Alternative: Earrings of different (read: unconventional) shapes and sizes are the way to go this season!

7. Lace-Up Dresses And Tops

Image: Instagram

The lace-up style has even found its way into bras! Brands and designers equally endorsed this trend when it arrived, with celebrities flaunting it left, right, and center. But even then, it’s one look that not everyone can carry off and look like a million bucks in.

The Alternative: Switching to a classic, like a plain white tee or blouse, will give you the same feminine appeal without looking bad in any angle.

8. Aviator Shades

Image: Instagram @eventilaindia

First introduced by Ray-Ban in the year 1937, aviator shades have become the epitome of high fashion only recently. However, despite becoming a wardrobe staple for everyone, they are fast being dethroned by some very unique eyewear.

The Alternative: Cat eye sunglasses are the hot property right now! Besides these, shades in various shapes, sizes, and colors are also doing the rounds.

9. Embroidered Denims

Image: Instagram @constancebrowne

Whether it’s a shirt, a pair of jeans or jackets, last year we found almost everyone flaunting one embroidered piece in their outfit. While these are pretty, no doubt, maybe it’s time to save them for nature hikes rather than the city streets!

The Alternative: Plain jeans are the way to go. They are classic and you can never go wrong with them. You can also try an embellished pair, but make sure it’s not OTT!

10. Wide Hats

Image: Instagram @panmilli

What with the royal wedding taking place a month ago, large hats seem to have captivated every woman’s imagination! But the thing is, just like fashionable items, these don’t suit everyone.

The Alternative: You want a hat that complements your sense of style, your face, and your body shape. Berets, captain’s hats, and those with narrow brims suit almost everyone!

Although fashion should ideally be all about making your personal style statement rather than aping anyone, following certain trends can create a sloppy impression. So, stay away from these fads to always look classy and fabulous!

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