Trendy Halloween Costumes For 2019

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The spookiest day of the year is almost here. With Halloween just a few weeks away, we understand all the anticipation and excitement you must be feeling. Except for some naysayers who think costume parties are lame, the rest of us absolutely love to dress up for Halloween events. Be it a Halloween costume party or any other event, you’ve got to be at your scariest best on this particular night. Gone are the days when you wear a cape and paint your face and pretend to be Dracula. Every year, Halloween costumes are getting more and more competitive and you’ve got to come out of that shell if you want to wear something that will grab eyes. You make the most of your ability to look great while going to any other party, right? Then why not do the same for Halloween?

If you’re confused about who or what to dress up like, we’re here to help you. The following is a list of all the amazing Halloween costume ideas we’ve narrowed down considering the classic ones like pirates along with the ones that are trending like Stranger Things characters. Scroll down to check the list out.

1. Powerpuff girls

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Ah, the good old Powerpuff Girls! They’re old, but are never out of style. You can dress up like Blossom, Bubbles, or Buttercup according to who you like the most. Also, this costume fits perfect for a group of three. So, if you and your girlfriends (or guys) are thinking about the same theme for Halloween costumes, consider dressing up like Powerpuff Girls. Another great thing about this costume is that it’s not a very difficult one to get or wear.

2. Pirate

Image: Twitter

Captain Jack Sparrow, the iconic pirate played by Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean is probably the first person who comes to your mind when you say the word “pirate,” isn’t it? His costume is as cool as him, and you can definitely follow his style for this Halloween.

3. Alien

Image: imatsofficial/Instagram

Don the look of a scary or a pretty, angelic alien for Halloween. This isn’t a bad idea unless you’re thinking about putting on a green onesie and a mask. Alien costumes are one of the most competitive areas and you will have to think about something different. This might not just need a well planned and executed outfit, but also some really good makeup. Seeking professional help to get what you have in mind done the perfect way is a great idea.

4. Pennywise

Image: Instagram @igoor_fabricio

Pennywise, the scary clown from Stephen King’s It is trending since the second part of the movie released last month. Clowns have forever been ruling the world of spookiness but Pennywise gives your clown a little bit of character too. You can rent the costume and get the makeup done pretty easily. Don’t forget to carry a few red helium balloons with you and dance while you’re walking because Pennywise is a happy, dancing clown!

5. Mermaid

Image: Instagram @mermaidelara

Mermaid costumes are very pretty if you want to look nice and not scary on Halloween. The fishtail portion of the costume can be used only while clicking pictures because you won’t be able to walk wearing that for sure. So, remember to get a skirt that looks similar to the tail. A purple a green outfit, like Disney princess Ariel from The Little Mermaid, is a great option. But you can get creative with your costume.

6. Poison Ivy

Image: Instagram @pinupyogini

If you don’t mind getting painted all over your body, Poison Ivy, the DC character, is a good option for you. It gives you a wild charm without needing a lot of work on the costume.

7. The Mad Hatter

Image: Instagram @tru_entertainments_uk

We’re bringing up Johnny Depp’s name again because the man has done such versatile roles in his career. The Mad Hatter from Alice In Wonderland played by Johnny has a great look that you can replicate for Halloween events. It gives you an eerie look but since you’re The Mad Hatter, you’re sweet and not evil.

8. Harley Quinn

Image: Instagram @bumbly_bee_cosplay

Harley Quinn’s costumes are the most popular costumes for Halloween. The red and blue hairstyle with messed up makeup can make anyone look like a bada** for sure. Don’t forget to carry your baseball bat along if you’re trying out this look.

9. Eleven

Image: Instagram @faithnomoar

Eleven aka El, the character from Stranger Things who possesses psionic abilities is a huge hit these days. The Emmy nominated actress Millie Bobby Brown has done a perfect job in portraying El in different looks, throughout the series. You can either try out the shaved head look or the pink dress with a blonde wig look from the 1st season. Also, the black look from season 2 and the shopping day look from season 3 are great if you’re an eleven fan.

10. Demogorgon

Image: Instagram @ptarachnid

The Demogorgon look from Stranger Things is also pretty cool if you think about it. They are scary, slimy, but they’d make a great costume for Halloween. Also, you can dress up your dog for the event with a demodog head wig!

11. Sabrina

Image: Instagram @amandamariacosplay

Sabrina from the Netflix series is a teenage girl who is half-mortal and half-witch. Her popular blonde, short hair and maroon blouse with a black skirt make a good costume if you want to keep it simple.

12. Steve And Robin

Image: Gettyimages

Steve Harrington and his friend Robin (from Stranger Things) in their Ahoy Ice Creams uniform is widely popular among Halloween lovers this year. It makes a great couple costume or you can dress up with a friend!

Here’s a tip: Book or get your costume stitched for the event ASAP because you won’t be able to bring together something extravagant at the last moment. Also, make sure that you try the costume and wigs out at least once before putting them on for the real show. Which one of the above costume ideas did you like the most? Do you have better ideas? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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