11 Tried-And-Tested Tricks For Those Who Wear Glasses

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It was in my third or fourth grade that I started wearing glasses. Oh! The excitement that surrounded this was just blown too out of proportion. Of course, it was just half a year later that I realized wearing glasses wasn’t anywhere close to exciting. My biggest problem, like most of you glasses wearers, was the slipping off. Although I have shifted to wearing contact lenses, I couldn’t ditch my glasses for good and still needed some hacks to be able to manage the #glassesproblems. The funny thing with glasses is that they are inconvenient, there are alternatives, yet we like to stick to wearing them. If you are one of those I am talking about, please spare yourself the trouble and read this list of things you could do to make your life a bit easier.

 1. So, you can’t take your hand off your glasses ‘cause you need to adjust your slipping glasses twice every second? Here’s a fix!

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Heard of Nerdwax? “Nerdwax is a beeswax based blend of All Natural and Certified Organic Ingredients specially formulated to keep your glasses in place while you live your life.” That was all about it right from the makers of Nerdwax. It is one of its kind and promises a slipping-free glasses wearing experience. Some customers were super happy, some of them had to deal with swollen noses and hospital bills. You could do a patch test on your skin and try this wax if you feel you’ve done enough of adjusting in life. At least there’s a fix. Whether that works or not is now for you to decide.

 2. Next on the list is the second most annoying thing. You can’t find your glasses and don’t remember where you left them. It is dark. (It is like, “I can’t see because I can’t find my glasses, but I can’t find my glasses because I can’t see.”) This is what you can do.

If you are like me who ends up needing glasses in the middle of the night but is always irresponsible in spite of struggling in the dark for a million times already, this hack is for you. Seriously, sometimes, I wish there was a search button for this, or maybe I could just ring my eye glasses like we do when our phones are out of sight. Anyway, just like those fluorescent stars on your ceiling, your glasses can also twinkle in the night. Stick a cool fluorescent sticker in some corner or coat some part in fluorescent paint. This makes it easy for you to be able to search for them when you switch the lights off or if you’ve just dumped them in your bag that is no less dark than a room without lights.

 3. There are hundreds of scratches on your lens, and when you go out in the sun, they show on the surface. You have cleaned your glasses, but the scratches don’t seem to look less apparent.

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If the scratches are just too many, I think it is time you bought a new one. However, if it is not yet time and you could jolly well use these for the next 20 years, then pick up a clean microfiber cloth, a lens cleaning solution, and some car wax. Clean the lens well with the solution first, and then apply the car wax. Use the microfiber cloth or any towel/cloth that is lint free and move it in circular motions to clean the car wax off. The scratches are visibly reduced, and your vision is improved. Your eyesight doesn’t have to make way through those scratches anymore.

 4. If you just have too many in your collection and are searching for ways to organize them, here’s an inexpensive way to do that.

There are hangers to organize clothes, but there’s no rule that you just gotta hang those clothes up there. If you’ve got glasses to hang’em up, please go ahead and do so. You could hang about 5 to 6 glasses per hanger. Just don’t go overboard and stuff all your glasses on top of each other. You will just cause more scratches on the lens.

 5. Talking of cleaning the grime, there’s a DIY cleaning solution in case you want to have some fun making your own.

You’d be needing some water, rubbing alcohol or witch hazel, and some dish wash soap. Mix equal amounts of water and rubbing alcohol or witch hazel and add a drop of soap. Fill your spray bottle with this mixture. Avoid using dish wash soaps with vinegar or ammonia. Spray this on the lens and clean with a microfiber polishing cloth whenever you feel your glasses need some cleaning.

 6. Fix the screws if your glasses are sliding off again and again.

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If you feel the culprit is the screw, try tightening it to avoid the hassle of having to adjust the frames all the time. If the screws tend to loosen frequently, apply a coat of clear nail polish around the screw, and it won’t budge from its place now.

 7. If you are out in the woods and the screw in your frame falls off, use this trick until you can get it fixed by a professional.

It is during such times that little things like safety pins and toothpicks become the heroes of the hour. If the screw is lost, use a toothpick or a pin to hold the arms and frame of the glasses together. Break the extra toothpick off to make yourself look less funny. :P

8. Use some heat if your eyeglasses have lost shape.

Apart from loose frames, even frames that have become deformed will cause inconvenience. Ask me. I have faced them all. If it is a metal frame, heat it up a little. Metals are more malleable when they are hot. The heat will allow you to bring the frame back to your desired shape. You could do the same with your plastic frames, provided you don’t use direct heat like stoves. Instead, use steam. That should do the needful.

9. This is how you choose the right cloth to keep the glasses clean.

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Use a cloth that has a very fine weave. Usually, fabrics with a tight weave look as soft and smooth as satin. If you are using any other cloth, make sure there’s no lint, for, these materials leave the lint on the glass when you use a solution to clean. Also, never use a coarse fabric or paper because they cause scratches on the glasses. The only rule of thumb is that the cloth should be ultra fine so as to not cause any damage to the sensitive coat on the glasses.

10. If you wear glasses with a protective coat, use this method to clean them.

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The protective coat on glasses tends to dissolve if you use a cleaning solution that has alcohol in it. Instead, you could use a paste made from baking soda and a little water to clean the gunk on your glasses. Make sure you rub the paste in circular motions and remove it with the microfiber cloth in a similar way. Wash it off with lukewarm water and enjoy clear vision.

11. In the process of tightening your spectacles, you have caused yourself some marks on the nose and temples. This is how you can deal with that!

Firstly, remove your spectacles when you are sweating. Clean your face and the frames when you sweat too much. It is the friction that causes the skin irritation, so make sure your face isn’t too dry. Apply ample amount of moisturizer on the skin where the eyeglasses touch. Also, if it is too tight near the nose pads, heat that part slightly, and mold it the way you want. Keep shaping it until you find the right level of comfort and until you are satisfied with the way it sits on your face.

As I said, it’s such a task to maintain eyeglasses, but we still love to wear them. For some of us, this is the only choice, and for others, it is a style statement. While you keep figuring out why you like to stick to wearing glasses, comment below and tell me which hack was the most helpful one for you.

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