11 Tricks That Help Royal Woman Look Flawless In Every Situation

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Ever since we watched Princess Diaries as kids, the lavish gown, tiara, and room-sized cupboard made us dream of waking up as a princess someday. As we grew up, we realized Royalty is not everyone’s cup of tea! But if we could take something from it, it would definitely be how flawless the members of the Royal families look. Be it their dressing style, posture, or behavior, it’s almost like clumsiness does not touch their aura. The representatives of the British Royal Family have set the bar high in giving us an idea of how impeccable they can be all day. Now, if you are wondering “How are they so perfect?”, here are tricks that the Royals have embraced that help them avoid the usual cupboard malfunctions. Want to know their secrets? We at Stylecraze made a list of all the dressing hacks that will help you look as flawless as a royal in public.

1. Low Bun In The Morning, Natural Waves In The Evening

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Meghan Markle owns messy buns like no other. It does not distract her outfits and goes well with hats. It helps her get a professional look and curls her hair naturally when she lets them lie open in the evening. It unwinds beautifully and gives her effortless curls without damaging her hair all day. It is much better than a top-knot bun since your hair won’t get tugged tightly if you are planning to steal this trick from the royals.

2. A Hairnet


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Unlike Meghan, Kate rules hairnet hairstyles. It keeps her hair in perfect shape throughout the day. What we love most about her hairnet is that it is barely visible. You will have to really focus on her hair bun to notice what is keeping it so neatly in place. Anyway, it is royal etiquette to look and dress neatly, so accessories like these come in very handy. If you have a whole day ahead of important meetings, you can purchase transparent hair nets to keep your bun in place. This way, no unwanted baby hair peep will come out and keep you looking neat until evening.

3. Bodysuit Instead Of Blouse

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We all face the problem where your shirt eventually peeps out of your pants, and the creases are hard to hide. But with Meghan, it is not a problem! She has mastered the art of replacing ordinary tops with bodysuits. They are way more practical and look perfectly neat no matter how many times you get up and sit down. These work great for layering with blazers, cigarette pants, trenchcoat, you name it!

4. Gel Non-Slip Grips

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The Royal Protocol dictates that women are not allowed to bare their legs too much. Therefore, they wear dresses that sit just above or below the knee. So instead of wearing the same black stockings, Kate wears the finest nylon tights to keep her legs covered. It helps keep her shoes in place and looks fantastic when it comes to highlighting her legs. Nylon tights are all the rage for women who are not too comfortable showing off their legs, but still want to flaunt a hot dress!

5. Tooth Brush To Tame Flyaway

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Flyaway hair is something girls all over the world with different kinds of hair structures suffer from. But Meghan Markle has found a way to deal with it perfectly. Her hair is tilted to the curlier side, so she uses hairspray and a small bristle boar brush to smooth out her hairline. This keeps the tiny hairs in place and works perfectly in front of the camera.

6. Curtain Weight Dresses

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Wearing a flared dress or skirt is always risky as an inevitable gush of wind can make the skirt fly. In Royalty, you cannot afford accidents like these. Hence ladies of the Royal Families wear dresses that have weights under the lower lining. It prevents their skirts from moving and is a hack that even the Queen absolutely loves!

7. Bigger Shoes

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Meghan always chooses shoes that are two sizes bigger. The bigger the shoes, the lesser the chances of blisters. She uses the space to keep gel pads. They not only cushion her feet but also keep her feet comfortable throughout the day. If you need to wear uncomfortable heels every day, you can switch to more oversized shoes!

8. Static Inners

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The Royal ladies have adapted themselves to wearing shapewear that is made of special materials. They increase the static and stick to the dress fabric. It decreases the chances of accidental exposures and keeps your dress flowing downwards perfectly. Different body types have shapewear that will compliment their figure perfectly.

9. Hidden Comb

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No one carries hats as perfectly as the Royals do, but there is a secret to it. The elegant hats are made with special combs that are attached on the inside to hold the hat in place no matter how windy the day gets.

10. The Tiara

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If you are a fan of the tiara and can’t wait to try it on, you must know a few secrets that the royals follow with the crown. It is not as easy to just keep it on the head and stay still all day. The tiara will move about, but there is a trick to keep it in place. Princess Diana wore a braid to keep the crown in place. Many royals use different kinds of headgears to follow the shape of their head and avoid the discomfort of all kinds while keeping the tiara intact.

11. Queen Elizabeth II And Her Gloves

Queen Elizabeth II And Her Gloves
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Gloves are an integral part of a Queen’s outfit, but Queen Elizabeth II takes it more seriously than just any other accessory. She has to shake hands with many people during ceremonies and functions; hence the gloves protect her from germs and keep her looking regal and grand.

So these are the tricks the royals follow to keep themselves from having mishaps. Being recorded by the media and scrutinized for the most minor mistakes is never easy, but these Royals have certainly set the bars high with their nearly flawless appeal. Do you have a dressing hack that keeps you from having mishaps? Let us know in the comments below!

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