10 Tricks From A Former FBI Agent To Become 200% Attractive

By Tanya Arora

Is your crush giving you a hard time? If that’s so, you just have to step up your game and make yourself that much more attractive so that the fish is caught in the net!

Wondering how to be more attractive now, aren’t you? Well, it’s not about the clothes or the fancy car. It’s all about the way you behave, according to a former FBI agent who can help you become 200% more attractive!

In his widely popular book, The Like Switch: An Ex-FBI Agent’s Guide to Influencing, Attracting and Winning People Over, Dr. Jack Schafer reveals the secret laws of attraction and friendship, which can make anyone trust and like you (1).

Here are 10 tricks from the book that has been used by the American Intelligence Services themselves for the last 20 years!

1. Tilt Your Head When Talking

According to Dr. Schafer, tilting your head sideways rather than keeping it straight shows that you’re ready to trust the person you’re talking to, which is instantly attractive!

However, if you tilt your head backward and roll your eyes, you can be perceived as hostile! Caution is necessary.

2. Emote With Your Eyebrows

Eyebrow raising is the perfect way to let people know that you mean no harm and have no intention of being aggressive. Plus, when you do that, people think of you as someone pleasant to talk to – as long as you don’t lock stares for long or frown or look calculative.

3. Don’t Grin, Let Your Eyes Smile

A sincere smile can take you a long way! When the brain detects a genuine smile, it starts releasing endorphins, making you smile back and feel good. Such an experience can make people want to communicate with you. On the flipside, a hard gaze, tight smile or grin can evoke the opposite sentiment.

4. No “You’re Welcome”

“You’re welcome” is a rather impersonal and formal way of expression. If you want to give a reciprocity-inspiring response, say, “I’m sure you would’ve done the same for me.” Moreover, do not hesitate to ask another person for small favors. It makes them feel important and increases their self-esteem.

5. Whisper Occasionally When Chatting

Whispering inspires a sense of confidence and trust. When you lean forward and whisper something, the one you’re addressing automatically leans in too, thereby bringing the two of you closer!

Besides the above, try avoiding talking loudly or leaning backward as these are not perceived as friendly gestures.

6. Allow People To Compliment Themselves

If you really want to compliment someone, give them the opportunity to do it themselves. When talking to someone, create situations where the person can talk about their own qualities and achievements and then act surprised, asking them how they managed to do something so good. Don’t resort to giving compliments on their appearance as it can be interpreted as flattery.

7. Make Mistakes

One of the best ways to win over someone is to show that you are as much human as the one you’re talking to and, hence, liable to make mistakes. By letting the other person correct you, you make them feel more confident. They begin to feel that you will understand their shortcomings better. Additionally, it establishes similarity, which will automatically bring you two closer.

8. Analyze The China When Conversing

Most people share important things when eating – ergo, business lunches! However, while eating with someone, pay attention to their gestures as they reveal their true feelings. For example, if the one you’re talking to uses the coffee cup as a wall between the two of you, it shows distance. On the other hand, if the person removes everything from the table, it means they’re friendly and close. Sharing food indicates the same.

9. Watch Their Lips And Communicate With Your Eyes

Touching one’s lips when communicating shows that the person is shy – an action that’s mostly induced when you present an uncomfortable question. In that situation, learn to correct the way you behave by giving off the right signals with your eyes. If you want to be trusted and liked, enlarge your pupils when talking as it shows both interest and sympathy and makes you look more attractive.

10. When The Times Get Rough, Think Of Rom-Coms

Dr. Schafer explains it as the “Law of the rocky road.” If you watch a romantic movie, you’ll see the lead actors only become a couple after going through plenty of obstacles; consequently, forming a stronger bond than those who start out smooth. So, treat hard times only as a way of knowing the other person and getting closer to them!

Apart from these, other things you can do to be more attractive include appropriately (and slightly) touching the one you’re talking to, nodding in agreement, showing sincerity, acting cold and distant at times (It works!), and displaying the similarities between the two of you. These are all bound to melt a stone-cold heart!

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