7 Tricks to Help You Lose Fat Faster

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The biggest lifestyle and health scare that the world faces today is obesity. Unwanted weight gain is a major problem and can give rise to many other diseases and ailments. And therefore, it is critical to keep our weight in check.

So, how do we go about managing our weight issues? And how do we keep a check on the increasing levels of fat, the major culprit behind weight gain?

Given below are some essential tips that will tell you about ways to lower the extra fat and keep your body toned and fit.

1. Water Therapy

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Keep in mind to drink lots of water because it maintains and regulates the body temperature, and keeps the body hydrated. If the body isn’t hydrated properly, there can be problems in keeping the body temperature in check, and it can hamper the process of burning the body fat.

Read on to find out the correct ways of drinking water:

  • A big portion of warm water is the first thing that you should have in the early morning time.
  • Drink water before the meals.
  • Have water 30 minutes before you begin your exercise regime. Drink in sips every fifteen minutes and one portion after you finish exercising.
  • When you crave for snacks, drink water to feel fuller.
  • Feeling thirsty indicates dehydration, so drinking an adequate amount of water to replenish the lost water is very important.
  • Drinking cool water during mid-morning and afternoon can make you feel more refreshed.
  • Drinking water at bed-time can increase metabolism and fend off heart troubles.

2. Low Carbohydrate Diet

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Carbohydrates contain insulin which works as a fat storing hormone. Low carbohydrate diet has lower levels of insulin and hence the body stores lower amounts of fat. Also, you can change your diet to include more low GI food items so that you have reduced hunger cravings as well as make you feel more satiated. Some of the low GI food items are:

  • Whole grains like brown rice, whole wheat pasta, unprocessed oats, legumes, etc
  • Lean meats like chicken and turkey
  • Nuts and seeds like flax seeds and sesame seeds etc.
  • Fruits and vegetables like apples, blueberries, oranges, carrots, aubergine, peas, etc.

3. Exercise Using Dumb-Bells

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There is nothing like a good exercise regime that ensures increased metabolism and a toned body. Using dumb-bells as part of exercise schedule is a great idea because it makes the body stronger and muscular. In fact, the metabolism is high even after hours of exercise, therefore burning more fat.

4. Diet High In Protein

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Protein is the food group that increases the muscle mass and maintains healthy tissues. They contain amino-acids that are necessary to consume the body fats, but exercise precaution as too much of protein can cause toxicity. Good sources of proteins include:

  • Eggs
  • Beans and pulses
  • Low-fat meat
  • Low-fat dairy products
  • Fish based diet including tuna, salmon, etc.

5. Good Fats

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The food stuff that is high in good fat makes you feel more satisfied. They don’t cause a shooting insulin like the high GI carbs. In the absence of insulin fluctuation, the sugar levels are relatively stable. They also supply energy to the hormones responsible for growth and development.

Hence, the fat stored in the body is used up effectively.

Some good fats are:

  • Olive, coconut and sesame oils
  • Seeds and nuts like almonds, macadamias, walnuts, flax seeds, etc

Consuming moderate amounts of saturated fats like lean meats, egg dishes, coconut, peanuts etc. are good for better working and general metabolism of the body.

6. Body Detoxification

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Detox diets work wonders because they include lots of fruits and vegetables in the raw form. They help to clean the body from within and remove any toxins and adamant body fat. The food items high on de-toxifying function are beetroot, kale, garlic, cucumber, ginger, lemon, grapefruit etc.

7. Cardio-Workouts

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If someone has a lower rate of metabolism, then half an hour to an hour of workout may help a great deal. Otherwise, high-intensity training with calculated intervals can also help in burning more fats. Some high-intensity training with intervals include:

  • Doing Burpees for thirty seconds. It includes bringing the hands down to the level of your feet, then squat. From there, you move to the plank position. After that, you can come back to the squat position and then do a high jump standing on your feet.
  • Rest for a minute.
  • Do a spot running by bringing each knee to the level of your buttocks. The thighs should be parallel to the level of the ground.
  • Relax for a minute.
  • Practice doing the jumping jacks for thirty seconds.
  • Rest for one minute.
  • Do squatting with the back kept straight. Your knees should be in keeping with the position of your feet. Sit in the same way till your buttocks are lower compared to the knees.
  • Rest again for about one minute.

These were some ways by which you can address the adamant fat problems in your body and watch your body go from flab to fab.

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