9 Tricks To Lengthen Your Silhouette With Your Clothes

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Yes, lucky are those who shoot up like bamboo in their adolescence and never have to worry about being short. But height is affected by several factors, including genetics, so it’s safe to say that it’s not your fault that you didn’t qualify for the national basketball team. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use clothing to your advantage to look taller and leaner. So if you would like to know how to go about it, read on!

1. Wear A Hat

Wear A Hat
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Hats have always been a favorite when it comes to protecting your face and hair from the sun. You may also use them to make yourself appear taller. Here are some things to keep in mind when making your selection. Don’t let it go beyond your shoulders, and make sure the color goes well with everything else you’re wearing. You might try angling it to make a statement.

2. Avoid Wearing Baggy Clothes

Avoid Wearing Baggy Clothes
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Don’t wear baggy clothes as they make you look wider instead of taller. Wearing garments that hug your body from top to toe will provide the illusion of a good height. If you want to feel comfortable in an oversized, loose dress, take a cue from Ashley Graham and draw attention to your waist by wearing a belt.

3. Choose Black Clothes

Choose Black Clothes
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Wearing all black will help keep your body secrets hidden and draw attention to your best features. They may also have a stunningly dramatic impression. However, while shopping for dark clothing, pay attention to the sizing. They will make your clothing seem shapeless and lifeless if they are overly big. Find the sweet spot between too tight and too baggy, and your curves will be accentuated and your body lengthened.

4. Wear Crop Tops With A Jacket

Wear Crop Tops With A Jacket
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Wearing clothes that draw attention to your body type is another way to seem taller, thinner, and more put together no matter what you’re wearing. Wearing a crop top or short jacket is vital if you want to elongate your legs and minimize your upper body. Wearing a cinched-waist blouse with high-waisted jeans is a great way to hide your stomach. The purpose is to draw attention to the figure.

5. Wear Dangling Jewelry

Wear Dangling Jewelry
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Jewelry might be a terrific accent piece, but clothing and shoes are still necessary for proportional balance. Wearing long, thin necklaces is a great method to make yourself seem taller since they provide the optical illusion of a longer, slimmer neck. Wearing long earrings is another trick for appearing taller. Lightweight options in a variety of geometric forms such as triangles, squares, & rectangles are recommended. However, don’t attempt to wear everything at once if you want your style to be delicate and subtle.

6. Choose Pointed Shoes As The Same Color Of Your Pants

Choose Pointed Shoes As The Same Color Of Your Pants
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If you aren’t blessed with a great height, you might resort to wearing high shoes to compensate. However, you should realize that the proper shoe type may further enhance the height impact. When you’re attempting to seem taller, even a half-inch change in your foot form might make a tremendous impact. If you don’t want to wear heels, pointed-toe flats will do the trick. It’s also a good idea to wear shoes that are near in shade to your skin. Your legs will look longer as a result of this.

7. Choose Clothes In Darker Tones

Choose Clothes In Darker Tones
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To look your best, you need to know more about color theory and complementary colors than just about matching designs and styles. Pairing a light-colored top with dark or vividly colored pants, for instance, can elongate the legs. You may get the opposite effect by wearing a combination of light and dark hues on your lower and upper bodies.

8. Wear Straight-Cut Bottoms

Wear Straight-Cut Bottoms
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Wearing a pair of high-waisted jeans can help you look taller and thinner because they create the optical illusion that the wearer’s legs begin at the waist. Conversely, you shouldn’t wear low-rise jeans since they make your legs look shorter. Straight-legged jeans are recommended by fashionistas because they elongate the legs visually. Wearing a skirt a few inches beyond the knee also gives the wearer the impression of being taller. They have an additional slimming effect.

9. Wear Long Fitted Sleeves

Wear Long Fitted Sleeves
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As a result of its uniqueness and charm, puffy sleeves have become a wardrobe staple. However, they make the upper torso appear broader due to the horizontal lines they produce. However, the vertical impression created by fitting and 3/4 length sleeves draws the viewer’s attention upward, creating the illusion of a longer, leaner form.

Exposing a little skin visually lengthens the body. This is made feasible by the perception of more room than actually exists. This may be applied to the upper body by opting for a blouse or T-shirt with a square or boat neckline. Showing off the length of your legs or arms is a great way to project an air of confidence. So now that you know all the ways to keep your silhouette looking lean, nothing can stop you from looking perfect!

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