8 Tricks You Should Know To Successfully Survive Everyday Life

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Our days of hunting and gathering are long gone, but that does not mean we don’t need any new-age survival tactics to survive in our modern world. From knowing how to survive a thunderstorm to protecting yourself from a stranger following you, the list of survival tricks is never too short. So if you are trying to learn ways to face the dangers of the world, we are here for you. Listed in this article are some ways by which you can keep yourself safe from various kinds of harm. Read on to learn them all.

1. Chia Seeds May Be Used For Treating Constipation

Chia Seeds May Be Used For Treating Constipation
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In traditional medicine, chia seeds are used to treat constipation and encourage frequent bowel movements. They include many types of insoluble fiber, which help to bulk up feces and make them easier to pass. To prepare, combine 2 teaspoons of chia seeds with 8 ounces of water in a blender and process until smooth. After waiting a couple of minutes, drain the mixture and serve. Colon massage is another option to get some relief. Massage your tummy with your hands in a gentle but firm crisscross pattern from right to left and underneath the ribs, until you reach the bottom left side of your belly. Do it three to five times till the person feels better.

2. How To Fall Asleep Quickly

How To Fall Asleep Quickly
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If you’re having trouble sleeping, you might try the military technique. Simply lying down, unwinding, and paying attention to your breathing is all that is required for this technique. There’s a guarantee that you’ll be asleep like a baby in under a minute.

3. How To Control Your Laughter In Inappropriate Situations

How To Control Your Laughter In Inappropriate Situations
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When faced with a humorous situation, many people respond to it with uncontrollable laughter.  have a habit of laughing when it’s inappropriate, or being too lighthearted when the situation calls for seriousness, you might benefit from these tips. The first step is to pinch yourself. This strategy is effective for controlling laughing because it helps you return to reality while redirecting your focus away from the humorous scenario. You can also use some self-help reverse psychology and persuade yourself to laugh more vigorously and out loud. The prohibited nature of laughing at inappropriate times is a key component in the hack’s success. We don’t find the scenario nearly as amusing without it.

4. How To Control Your Anger

How To Control Your Anger
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Anger is a common human emotion that can be sparked by many things. To avoid letting your anger get the best of you, it’s crucial to learn effective coping mechanisms. One of the simplest ways to handle anger is to stop raising your voice. Just by lowering your voice, you’ll feel better, and be able to keep your cool in tense situations.

5. How To Know If Someone Is Following You

How To Know If Someone Is Following You
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Turn right multiple times if you feel like someone is following you. They should stop following you now that they realize you’re both going to the same destination. You could find yourself in danger if they do. It is recommended that if you feel someone is following you, rather than going home, you go to the nearest police station.

6. How To Avoid Sugar In Your Beverages

How To Avoid Sugar In Your Beverages
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This trick might be for you if you enjoy caffeine but despise the flavor of sugar-free coffee. It may sound counterintuitive, but you can substitute salt for sugar. Coffee connoisseurs insist that adding a little salt to their brew is the best way to improve the flavor and cut down on the bitterness naturally.

7. How To Know If There Is Going To Be A Storm

How To Know If There Is Going To Be A Storm
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Seek shelter quickly if your hair begins to float upwards because, in a few minutes, you could be exposed to lightning. Put your feet together, crouch down on the balls of your feet, and grip your ankles if the fast refuge is not available. This will ideally reduce the severity of any lightning strike by providing a direct path for the bolt to go to the earth.

8. How To Save Yourself From Drowning

How To Save Yourself From Drowning
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You shouldn’t freak out if you accidentally end up in deep water. You don’t need to know how to swim as long as you can keep yourself afloat. Don’t breathe, and let yourself float to the top surface first. Panic can put you in a worse condition than drowning, so you need to keep calm. If someone is drowning near you, you’ll need to first bridge the distance between you and the person to tow them in, so bring something along like a float, a length of rope, or a towel. If you absolutely must make physical contact, do it by slipping an arm around the victim’s chest from behind. Hold the victim’s back against your back and keep his or her arms outstretched. Do anything you can to head downwards toward the bottom of a frantic drowning person who does grasp you. Most people will give up since they don’t want to end up there. Keep in mind that helping a swimmer in need is extremely dangerous, regardless of your swimming abilities.

Every day is not the same; One day may be smooth sailing, and the other day you might have to fight to save yourself. So, it never hurts to know these tricks to be prepared for what might be thrown your way. So, would you like to add anything to our list? Let us know in the comments section!

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