9 Truths I Have Learnt From Not Wearing Makeup

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There are so many video tutorials online on how to wear makeup and still look natural. From sun-kissed natural to pale natural, there is a tutorial for every look, and girls around the world are aping them step by step. Funny thing, though, there is no makeup tutorial that tells you that you can actually go a day or even a life without any makeup on. One day I woke up with smudged eyeliner and lipstick on my teeth. That is when I swore I will never wear makeup again. And I haven’t. What did it teach me? A lot. Some scary things, some funny things. A ton of life-changing knowledge is coming your way. Brace yourself before you take the makeup-free plunge.

1. You Save So Much Money

You will not realize it in a day, but after a month, all your extra cash that was being invested into your smoky eyeshadow palettes, expensive mineral bronzers, and the high-end designer lipstick now actually makes you feel rich. This is a blessing in disguise, and you must start thinking how to spend this extra money.

2. And You Save So Much Time

You no longer need your entire getting ready schedule panned out for you. All you need is to match your dress to your shoes, run a comb through your hair, and head out of the door. Imagine all the amazing things you can do in the extra time that has now been gifted to you. People will be surprised when you arrive at a party at 9 pm sharp.

3. You Can Cry Whenever You Want

Your crying time is longer limited to after taking your makeup off. You can cry as many times you want in a day, even in front of your crush, and still manage to look cute. Better yet, life just got easier because now the sappy romantic movies are even more ideal for dates. Let him see your soft side, but at the same time, don’t cry all day. That may shoo him away.

4. It’s Empowering

This has to be one of the best things that could happen to me. I can finally leave my house with my head held high, without worrying if the wings of my eyeliner match or if my cheeks look too patchy. It’s a wonderful feeling to be au naturel. It also boosts your self-confidence, and there is no shame in showing people that you are proud of how you look when you wake up.

5. You Realize It’s Not Really A Fix For Bad Skin

You had bad skin, and you bought a concealer to cover that zit up. But it never went and was always there. Makeup will remain a temporary fix for your bad skin problems. Without makeup, you can address the real causes of bad and unhealthy skin like dehydration, hormonal imbalance, and weak blood cells. Soon, all your skin issues will be taken care of, now that you can see them even more clearly.

6. Everybody Thinks You Work Really Hard

This is the funniest truth I learned. Without makeup, apparently, there is no sparkle in the eyes that is generally lent by kajal and eyeliner. People easily assume that you are extremely tired and exhausted, and in return, give you special treatment. It’s a great time to be a girl with baggy eyes. Life is awesome, and we must take full advantage of it.

7. You Ironically Get Better At Applying Makeup

Now that you don’t wear makeup, you can see your real features, and can accentuate them with the right type of makeup. This is so ironical, but if by chance you do have to wear makeup, like at your friend’s wedding, you will probably make the bride look like a garbage bag. Here’s to hoping you don’t ever have to wear makeup again, but just in case you do, you will still be a winner.

8. Guys Don’t Know Anything About It

Guys are and will always be the simplest creatures ever created. They love you without makeup and don’t even care. Most of the times, they probably don’t even like you with makeup on. Just the way most of the times they don’t even register that you have makeup on. There is no better incentive than this. If you have found a boy who loves your natural skin, it’s time to sell all your makeup or give it away to charity. Better yet, just burn it all.

9. You Get Used To Going Without Makeup Way Faster Than You Expected

In the beginning, it does seem awkward to stare at yourself in the mirror without a single drop of makeup on. Over time, that feeling goes away, and before you know it, you don’t want anything to do with makeup. Rather, you will start feeling awkward if you apply that occasional red lipstick, and may fight the urge to wipe it off immediately.

If you are waiting for a sign that will make you stop applying makeup, trust me, honey, there is no sign like that. If you want to trash the artificial appearance that covers up all of your natural beauty, go ahead and just stop using these products that are thrown in our face (literally) every day. Show the world the real you, you will definitely be loved for who you truly are.

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