This Is The Type Of Man My Best Friend Deserves

by Shivani K

Allow me to ask you a question – How many best friends do you have? Honestly, I would find it hard to comprehend if your answer was a not a single digit number. Because, to me, there can only be one best friend in one’s life, well, at least that’s what I believe in. I have one best friend who is the perfect one! And, there’s nothing in this world that I would trade her for. She has been my support system for the longest time. Sure, it is definitely my parents who instilled in me all the values and virtues. But it’s her, only her, who has always made sure that I live by them.

But with time, we have realized that we all need a partner, a man that could compliment us. My best friend has had her share of heartbreaks just like me. Maybe, her heartbreaks were much more serious than mine. And each time, we’ve managed to reinstate our faith in love by just being there for each other. Just like I need to, my best friend also needs to find that ideal man who’d never let a tear roll down her cheeks, that man who’d be the reason she’d smile every single day.For the kind of crazy friendship we share, I could go miles for her. For example, I decided that I would travel the world and find the perfect man for her. But, then, thankfully my brain took precedence over my heart and made me realize that it was a stupid idea (also not like I have the monies to travel the globe).

So, here I am, writing my heart out about the type of man my best friend (and my soul sister) deserves. And I hope, really hope, he comes into her life soon.

He Should Make Sure She Never Goes To Bed In A Bad Mood


I hate it when she comes to see me with baggy eyes and those dark circles. It instantly signals to me that she hasn’t slept all night as something was bothering her. Or, maybe she just cried after reading P.S. I Love You. I really hope my best friend finds a man who would never let her fall asleep without her charming smile. No matter how chaotic her day might have been, I really hope her man would just hug her till her frown fades into that lovely smile. Well, even he has some pros here – he’d get to see the most magical smile that would surely send him to sleep with the sweetest dreams he could ever get. Such is the power of my best friend’s smile. She is amazing!

He Should Be Someone Who’d Appreciate Her


So, usually, my BFF has this tiny issue of self-doubt. I hope she finds a man who will push her towards what she really deserves. He should appreciate her for what she is and encourage her to realize her true potential. Her nature is very delicate; he needs to handle her with utmost care. He should take a stand for her whenever she needs support. If he does all of this, he is sure to stay. My bestie thinks she isn’t capable of doing things even when she truly is. And I’m honestly fed up trying to crack this hard shell of hers, so I hope she’ll find a man who could help me break it once and for all.

He Should Surprise Her At Every Leg Of Life


She loves surprises alright! Her face lights up every time I surprise her, so just imagine how happy she’d be if her man did that for her. She isn’t a fancy girl, who loves all things expensive. She is the kind who would melt away with just an unexpected hug, a surprise dessert treat or a surprise gift of her favorite bunch of fragrant lilies. Even a message over a fogged up mirror for her can seal the deal. He can even cook her favorite meal for her to make her smile like a baby. A bowl of mac and cheese when she’s on her period can do the trick! I’m sure she would be so touched by his love and affection that she would never let him go. And I really hope that he will hold her hand for the rest of her life and shower her with a life full of surprises. She needs to feel special if she needs to stay, right?

He Should Want And Love Just Her


He shouldn’t be in two minds when it comes to her. She needs to top that priority list of his. He should be with her doing the silliest to the most serious things in life. She shouldn’t just be “his girl”, she should be the “lady of his life”. Of course, she will never be over possessive about him. But, I hope he shows her a sweet, romantic, and slightly possessive side of him. Which girl wouldn’t feel special about that, right?

All I know is that she deserves the best guy out there. I’m sure even he is struggling to find her as much as she is struggling to find him. She is waiting for the man of her dreams. I just hope that she meets him soon and walks down that wedding aisle with that perfect smile on her face. And I’ll be the happiest one, giving a heartfelt speech that has already been worded in view of her wedding.

What’s your idea of a perfect man for your best friend? Let us know in the comments below.

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