13 Types Of Annoying Work Colleagues We Have All Probably Dealt With

by Niharika Nayak

Working in an office isn’t easy. Anybody who tells you that it is, is either working from home, doesn’t have a full time job, or is living under a rock. Whether you are a newbie or an industry insider, you’ve definitely encountered your fair share of downright unpleasant colleagues. While some of them come off as harmless, others can scheme to ruin your work life and just make your day miserable. When you work in an office, you need to be a team player and be willing to help out not just your boss, but your colleagues as well. You will not survive working in an office environment if you want to constantly play lone wolf or keep to yourself. Here are thirteen colleagues you have probably encountered or will most likely encounter in the near future:

1. The “Wannabe Boss”


Nobody likes being bossed over. This colleague likes to be in control of everything and act like they are superior to everyone else even if they aren’t. Sure, tonnes of people are control freaks, but the “wannabe boss” takes things to another level and drives us insane. Rather than doing any work themselves, they will try to delegate the work to others around them.

2. The Scheming Opportunist


This colleague is the type who would talk rudely about you around the boss when they hear that you are in line for a promotion. They will do absolutely anything to throw you under the bus and look good in the eyes of upper management. Unfortunately for them, everyone can see through their charade, and they won’t last long.

3. The Chatterbox


This colleague will absolutely refuse to shut up. They do not care if you are in the middle of making a presentation or on a super tight deadline. They just have to gossip and talk and grab your attention. If you are firm with them and tell them to be quiet, they’ll probably give you the cold shoulder and act like a victim.

4. The Suck-up


The suck-up is often similar to the scheming opportunist. They will do anything to keep the boss happy, even if it means throwing their own team under the bus to receive brownie points from the boss. This person will do whatever it takes to climb up the office ladder. However, most bosses are used to such employees and would probably be able to tell if someone was sucking up to them.

5. The Overworked Martyr


The overworked martyr will always end up taking more work than the rest of the team and then keep chastising the team for not pulling their socks up. If you express frustration over two or three tasks, they will claim that they have seven tasks and a report to finish just to seek pity from others. One way to deal with their type of co-worker is to simply say “Oh wow. That’s a lot of work to do. Why don’t you get back to it?”

6. The “Oldie” Who Is Averse To Change


This person genuinely believes in the saying, “My way or the highway”. They will refuse to accept any changes at the workplace and will be extremely rude when changes are implemented. Because they are the most experienced in the team, they will end up behaving like upgrading their skills will kill them (talk about melodramatic).

7. The One Who Is Always Fed-Up


This coworker leaves you wondering why they’re still working at the office. They will constantly be complaining about the most ridiculous things and will refuse to help new employees. They’re motto in life is “I didn’t sign up for this” and “That’s not my job.”

8. The “Know It All”


“You’re not doing it the right way and here is a one-hour-long lecture on why.” These colleagues will feel the need to give their opinions even when nobody else has asked for them. They will refuse to accept their own mistakes but absolutely love pointing out yours.

9. The Manipulator


The manipulator will start by complementing you and telling you how amazing of a colleague you are, and then they will ask for a major favor. The manipulator is extremely skilled in the gift of gab and can make you feel like you’re at the top of the world.

10. The Parasite


The parasite will always ask for favors and ask to piggyback on your work rather than doing something of their own. Even if you are heading in the opposite direction that they are after work, they will latch onto you and beg you to drop them off.

11. The Joker


Everyone loves a good jester. However, it is important to understand that there is a time and a place to be a joker. For example, a serious meeting with your client is not the kind of place where jokes and jibes would be appreciated.

12. The One Who Doesn’t Respect Boundaries


This type of colleague will take things from your desk without asking you first. Or they will end up leaving their things on your desk, and they will refuse to acknowledge or respect your space. They are also brutally honest and will pass their opinions about you even when you never asked for them. “What’s yours is mine, and what’s mine is mine too”, is the attitude that this colleague follows.

13. The One Who Always Has An Emergency


This annoying colleague will always come up with an emergency right in the midst of a busy week. They will often leave their work onto you and always find a way to escape when the going gets tough. They also have a whole list of excuses ready in case they run out.

At the end, some of these colleagues are just people we will temporarily have to put up with. If you cannot relate to meeting any of these colleagues, you’re probably one of them (just kidding). Do let us know all of your thoughts on this article in the comment section below.

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