7 Types Of Friends We All Have In Our Girl Squad

Written by Bency Sebastian

All the girls in the house who cannot live without their girl squad you’ve come to the right place. There is a common misconception that girls cannot be best friends and it is a wonder where that idea came from. Because if any of you, men included, have seen a set of best girlfriends together, it is almost certain that you will feel a tad bit jealous (or more!). Girls make the best company. Be it for a spontaneous drive, a night of heavy drinking or a sleepover with a chick-flick marathon, your girl gang will not let you down. There are some days when all you want to do is bitch about your boyfriend (or sometimes, men in general) or spend the evening with cheese burst pizzas, chocolates, and ice creams. Guess who makes the best company in such a situation? That’s right, your clique! Without them, your life is incomplete. They make you a better person and never fail to share in your crazy, happy, sad and fun life. So let’s dive right in and discover the types of friends we all have in our squad.

1. Multi-talented


You know who this one is. Being your best friend is not the only talent she has. This friend is multi-talented and if it was anyone else you’d probably be jealous. But you are proud of her and glad that she is your friend. She cooks, bakes, dances, sings, draws, paints and is good at everything else she does. She’s the person you go to when you are clueless because she helps you ideate and execute in ways you would not have imagined. It’s a wonder how she has so many talents and you could not be happier to have her in your corner!

2. Fashionista


We all have that one friend who inspires your fashion choices and is not afraid to experiment with her style. She’s up to date on all the fads and if you’re confused about what to wear on that date, she is the one you go to. This friend is the fashionista of your group and you seek her guidance when you’re confused about that dress or that crop top.

3. Let’s Get Drunk


This is the friend that your mom told your teenage self to stay away from. Her solution to every problem is “let’s get drunk”. Even though she is not always right, you love her because her solution helps the situation you’re in. She is that friend who you call when you’ve just had a heartbreak and need to get wasted. She will get you drunk and be your partner in crime (or stupidity) but you’re assured a good time. If you don’t know who this person in your squad is, it’s probably you!

4. The Mom


We all have this one friend who is the mom of the group. She is sweet, kind and always taking care of everyone. It almost makes it difficult to make fun of her or pull her leg. She is that friend who keeps you safe and stops you from making stupid decisions when you’re drunk. She is also every parents’ favorite because she is the responsible one.

5. Great (Unsolicited) Advisor


You know that friend you call at 3 am because you sent that forbidden text to your ex-boyfriend? Yes, she’s the one you call. This friend gives you great advice, albeit unsolicited and some of it makes you mad at first too. She calls you out on your bullshit and is not afraid to be honest with you. We all need this friend because she says it like it is and does not sugarcoat. You might think you do not like her at the moment but you know she helps you dodge many many bullets.

6. The Deep One


This friend always has something twisted to say. She loves conspiracies and will drag you into her mind full of theories that sometimes make sense (mostly when you’re not sober). She is also the one who is “deep and profound”. Rest assured, you will spend a few hours in deep thought after a conversation with her. She opens you up to different perspectives leaving you feeling like the enlightened one.

7. Party Freak


This friend is the life of every party. She knows how to make everyone laugh, even if it means having to make a fool out of herself. This chick knows how to have fun and does not shy away from being stupid, silly, and even whimsical. She is the one you call if you want to have a good time. She is the life of the party and the one you can count on to be your partner in all things goofy. This friend makes you question why you’re friends with her but you also know you cannot live without her.

For those of us who have been lucky to have a girl squad, we cannot imagine what our lives would be like without them. Am I right ladies? We hope we made you happy with this list of friends we all have and love. Who is your favorite friend on this list? Tag your girl squad and tell them who they are.

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