10 Types Of Friends We All Have

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Friends are the family we choose — aren’t they? Even if you’re an introvert, you’ll still have one or two friends who will connect with you. You can share anything and everything with your friends, even things that you cannot share with your parents or partner. Friends are the best (not all though). You eat with them, get drunk with them, travel with them, and make tonnes of memories with them that your photo album cannot even contain. While we lose some of our friends over the course of time, we earn the rest for a life time. We love all our friends, but are they all the same? No, each one of our friends is different and some of their personality traits stand out better than the rest.

This is probably how they get their popular nicknames—golu, diva, chotu, Devdas and so on. In every friend circle, there will always be one person who is short-tempered and dramatic, one person, who is too calm he/she could qualify for a monk, and one person who eats the most. We thought it would be fun to create a list of 10 types of friends that we all have (or had). So, here it goes (best enjoyed when read with friends)!

1. The Liar


Lying is a habit for this friend. This person comes up with ideas and plot lines that even J K Rowling wouldn’t have thought about. While they might convince us that they are indeed saying the truth, their innate talent of lying always keeps up at the tip of our suspicion.

2. The Gossip Girl


This person is always up to date with what’s happening in other’s lives. Real-life couples and quarrels are more interesting to them than watching Netflix. If you want to know anything about any popular girl/guy at work or in college, all you’ve got to do is ask this person and you’ll get a ten-page document with all the details. And FYI, it’s not just the girls who gossip, even guys do the same (they just pretend that they don’t).

3. The Dukhi Aatma


This is your sad friend. He/she isn’t just upset. They are always sad and whiny. If they are sad for genuine reasons, they need your help. But, how do you help it they are mourning things like world hunger and break up of an actress. These are the people who turn into Devdas when they go through a breakup. We know it’s hard for them (and for you) but you have to deal with them and their sorrow until they feel better. That’s what you do, right?

4. The Party Animal


This friend on Friday evenings is like a werewolf on full moon nights. They party like crazy and pull you along as well. If you ever feel bored or sad, this is the friend you would first go to, to shed all the weight that has been sitting on your head and shoulders. He/ she (and some innocent martini) is going to help you have fun and forget all that has been troubling you.

5. The Mother Hen


This is your protective friend. He/she is always there for you and wouldn’t mind giving hours of advice when they feel that you’re off track. They feed you, look out for you, and even help you clean your apartment. This is the angel kind of friend that we all need. However, you might feel that they are a little bossy at times. But, as the name suggests it’s just the motherly feeling.

6. The Broke Friend


This is the friend who spends all their money at the beginning of the month and then keeps asking you if you could lend them some money. They are so bad at managing finances that borrowing money is a habit for them, rather than a necessity.

7. The Plan-Breaker


When you make plans with your friends, this is the one person who is always the most excited. They help you out with all the details of the plan. The chalk out when to go, where to go, what to do, and at what time, and then finally, BAIL OUT!

8. The Love Guru


This is your friend who is an expert at giving relationship advice. From everything that starts from approaching your crush to getting over your ex, this person knows it all. Ironically these love gurus are the ones who have hardly ever been in serious relationships before.

9. The Selfie Freak


Every group has a selfie freak who keeps clicking selfies without any regard for the place and occasion that they are in. This is the friend who will dare to click selfies with the corpse at a funeral.

10. The Soul Buddy


This is your best friend. You might be always hanging out together and may not be even in the same country. But, you know that when you need them, they will always be there for you.

No matter how your friends are, they are your friends! And you’ve chosen them to be in your circle for a reason. So ahead and make fun of them as much as you want, but always be there for them. Which type of friend do you think you are? Let us know in the comments below.

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