9 Types Of Girlfriends: Which One Are You?

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Those who have tasted the potion of love would agree that being someone’s girlfriend isn’t an easy task. A good girlfriend is a perfect blend of sugar, spice, and everything nice with a bit of the chemical marked “X.” But no matter how hard we try, we all have our own way of messing up things, don’t we? If you observe, the relationship between your friend and her boyfriend is not really similar to yours. This is because we all are different in our own wonderful ways. And also, we can be different in a few negative ways. You’ve heard about the popular stalker girlfriend and the nagging girlfriend categories, haven’t you? But, that doesn’t essentially make you bad, because honey, we’ve all got to be a balanced mixture of ice and fire. Nonetheless, if you feel that you’re too much of any of these, may God save your boyfriend (wink)! We present to you the nine different types of girlfriends there are! Read on to know which one you are.

1. The Possessive One

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If you are the girlfriend that picks fights with every girl who talks to your boyfriend, you’re probably the possessive one. You don’t really like it when your boyfriend is too friendly with anyone except you (not even his guys), and you want him to spend all his time with you. While you may think that it’s fun and romantic, he might get tired of putting up with your time-based demands. If you trust your boyfriend, let him enjoy some freedom. If he’s meant for you, he’ll stay loyal for sure. Being too possessive can just exhaust him and make him irritated all the time.

2. The Nagging One

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If you keep pushing your boyfriend over the edge, and you both end up fighting because of this habit of yours, you possibly fall under the category of nagging girlfriend. We know that you keep reminding your boyfriend about something because you feel that he doesn’t understand how important the particular thing is. But to him, you’re just nagging. The best way to deal with the situation would be sitting down and talking to him once, but in a serious enough tone so that he realizes how important it is to you.

3. The “Sati-Savithri” One

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Please, don’t be this type of girlfriend. While you worship your boyfriend and trust him blindly, this attitude can allow him to take you for granted. Sadly, not all boyfriends are pati parmeshwars. Even in a trusting relationship, always stand your ground and speak up when things are wrong.

4. The Detective One

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You keep checking your boyfriend’s social media profiles and you might even have the passwords for most of those. You even check his ex’s posts and make sure that your relationship is in the safe zone. Well, being a little skeptical is fine but the stalking habit can spoil your peace of mind. Trust your partner, as long as you feel he is faithful.

5. The Emotional One

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You’re always emotional — this would be an understatement because you are at the tip of the iceberg most of the time. Everything is extreme for you, happiness, excitement, sadness, and anger. While some guys find it cute at first, it’s not a fun experience to put up with someone who is always ready to blast like a dynamite. If you think you’re too emotional all the time, try to get a grip on yourself and learn to balance your thoughts. That will help!

6. The Cool One

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You’re the cool girlfriend who plays FIFA with your boyfriend on his Playstation. Every guy dreams of a cool girlfriend who is loving, caring, and fun! You’re his dude and his bae at the same time! You’re just perfect.

7. The “Fighter”

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You pick fights with your boyfriend for every silly reason there is. You might even start an argument about a treaty signed by our political ancestors and end up not talking to your partner for days. Well, this isn’t good for him or you. Getting worked up over every little thing can ruin your relationship, your health, and peace of mind. If you’re ever mad about something or at someone, try to look at the brighter side of it. If possible, try to come up with a constructive solution for the problem, and if you can’t, learn to ignore it.

8. The Foodie One

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You love to go to new places and try new food. Instead of going clubbing, you’d love to go food tasting all around the city with your bae on a Friday night. If your partner is also a foodie, you’re more than lucky to have each other!

9. The Adventurous One

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You hardly spend your weekends with friends and family because by the time it’s Friday evening, you’re out of town. It’s either a fun road trip or an adventurous tour to a foreign country. Bungee jumping, sky diving, scuba diving, and trekking in a dense forest — these are all your things.

No matter what type of girlfriend you are, know this. You are amazing! Just find the right balance of ingredients for your love potion and you’re good to go. Which type of girlfriend are you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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