Different Types Of Kisses And Their Meanings

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A kiss can mean a lot of things. It’s the easiest way of letting someone know you care about them. You can share a kiss with a stranger, a close friend, a lover or even a parent. It doesn’t always have to be romantic. Obviously, you don’t kiss everyone in the same way, and different kisses can mean completely different things. Kisses can be one of the most magical experiences you can share with someone and can help you understand what a person likes. Read on to find out more about types of kisses and what they could mean:

1. The Forehead Kiss

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What it says: “I care deeply about you.”

A forehead kiss is different from other kisses in that it’s a sign that the person is protective of you and wants to take care of you. It’s gentle, fond, a tad bit parental and communicates love in a platonic way. This gesture is typically reserved for someone special.

2. Kiss On The Hand

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What it says: “I’m chivalrous and respectful.”

A ‘royal kiss’ as it is commonly called is when you take someone’s hand with your fingers and gently kiss them on the back of their palm. The traditional ritual doesn’t imply affection and is more of a polite way of greeting people you’re meeting for the first time. If a man does it the first time he meets you, he might be trying to charm you and is probably a bit of a showman.

3. Eskimo Kiss

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What is says: “I’m a mushy person.”

An Eskimo kiss is when two people rub noses together, but no lips come in contact with each other. It’s incredibly affectionate and usually a sign that a person is in it for the long haul. It’s usually a major sign of intimacy and that the person is comfortable being in your presence. Also, it’s very common between parents and children.

4. The French Kiss

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What is says: “I’m very attracted to you.”

When someone goes in for tongue while kissing you, it’s usually a sign that they want more than just a kiss from you *wink*. French kissing is traditionally associated with the younger days of making out and sneaking away to kiss. So when someone wants to indulge in at as an older person, it’s usually a sign of extreme passion.

5. A Kiss On The Cheek

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What it says: “You’re nice.”

This kiss is totally contextual. A kiss on the cheek while on a date might be a sign that your partner is not all that into you. In most cultures, however, a kiss on the cheek is warm, a way of saying hello or goodbye to a person.

6. The ‘Leave A Mark’ Kiss

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What it says: “I can let my guard down around you.”

No, we’re not talking hickeys. This kind of kiss is when a woman leaves a prominent lipstick stain on her partner’s face, neck or lips. It’s usually a sign that she’s missed you or is in a playful mood.

7. The Air Kiss

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What it says: “Nice to meet you.”

An air kiss is usually a formal way of greeting someone. It’s usually done by kissing the side of someone’s cheek and making the signature ‘mwah’ sound. It is traditionally used to greet family members and loved ones or when you meet someone for the first time.

8. The Vampire Kiss

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What it says: “I want you now!”

A deep passionate, loving kiss on the neck that involves playful biting and sucking. This is for lovers engaged in a close and intense relationship and is usually a form of foreplay

9. The Spiderman Kiss

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What it says: “I’m really into pop culture and would like to try this.”

Every kid who grew up in the early 2000s knows the iconic moment when Peter Parker slides down a web and kisses his lady love, Mary Jane Watson passionately. Although, we would suggest a less risky version on your couch or bed.

10. Kiss On The Foot

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What it says: “I have a thing for feet.”

This is usually a sign that the person you’re with is really into your feet (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Maybe you just really have nice feet?

11. A Lingering Kiss

A Lingering Kiss
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What it says: “I like where this relationship is going”

A lingering kiss entails just touching lips for long durations of time. This sort of kiss is full of intense emotions and passion and is commonly seen during the honeymoon phase in new relationships.

Everyone has a different and unique style of kissing, and in the end, it’s all about exploring your partner’s tastes and figuring out what they might be into. Suffice to say that not all kisses are made equal and shouldn’t be seen as the hallmark of a relationship. Tell us what you think of our list in the comments below. What is your favorite type of kiss?

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