Psychologists Defined 7 Types of Love, And Only A Few People Experience The Last One

by Shivani K

Love— a mere four-letter word is capable of making the world unite as one and is also capable of making worlds fight with one another. Ask anybody what the definition of love is and every soul on this earth has their own unique answer to this question. But all of the answers are a symbol of the happiness of heart, isn’t it? Mostly the whole concept of love revolves around the different ideas of adoration for another being and love simply comprehends that very idea.

Experts all around the world have been debating and trying to dot down on one single definition of love. Every single answer that comes when asked what love means to them is all one or the other form of affection or adoration. And this is precisely why the notion of a perfect partner forms the foundation of various romantic tales even to this day.

Affection and adoration can certainly have many levels. However, Robert Sternberg, an American analyst built a ladder of adoration that incorporated closeness, commitment, and energy as three distinct features that make this wonderful emotion called ‘love’ (1). His hypothesis was further narrowed down into 7 distinct types of love, take a look at them.

1. Infatuation


It is considered to be a stage when two different souls are still getting to know each other. They have the strongest force of attraction that attracts them like they were magnets. It’s that phase where both the individuals have no idea what is common between the two or what the nature of the other person is. All they know is that they feel attracted towards that particular person. While this attraction can change into serious relationships over time, however, many couples never go past this infatuation phase.

2. Romantic Love


Couples involved in a romantic love don’t have enthusiasm or closeness between them. They are just bound by a commitment. Couples with this kind of love have empty relationships as their love too is considered empty because romance only forms a part of love and doesn’t constitute love entirely.

3. Liking


In a connection that involves liking towards each other, here two people are together because they like each other’s interests, ambitions, ideologies, etc. In this form of connection both the individuals are a hundred percent themselves and are very comfortable being that way. Usually, this kind of connection transforms into successful companionships and not into an undeniable love.

4. Fatuous Love


While this love constitutes closeness and companionship between the partners, they lack commitment. This form of love is quite opposite to the kinds of romantic love. Here, both the individuals find a very strong force that pulls them closer to each other. However, both parties are never on a lookout to settle those emotions and give them a defined meaning. Such connections never end up in commitments like a serious relationship or a marriage bond.

5. Empty Love


This is one love connection where two individuals feel enthusiastic towards each other and they also feel responsible for each other’s happiness. The level of adoration that two individuals have here also translates into a serious relationship, companionship, and in some cases, it transforms into a wedding also. However, what lacks in this form of connection is the closeness factor between the two souls. Love analysts say that such couples do end up being with each other, but for how long, the answer to that is highly relative. They are married but they cannot see their significant other in the role of their ‘perfect partner’.

6. Companionate


Here the couple has a genuine connection with each other; they are very grounded in their bond as well. Closeness and a sense of responsibility form the foundation of this relationship. Being companionate sprouts after having being associated in a serious relationship or a marriage for a very long time.

7. Consummate Love


This is one type of love connection where you can find the existence of all three attributes — closeness, enthusiasm, and passion! The levels of these attributes can vary from one person to another, but what matters is that these three attributes exist. It’s a very rare thing to find such a relationship that comprises all these three attributes. The individuals in this relationship certainly did not find these among each other, they fabricated their bond with these attributes. The two individuals in such a connection will always cherish each other. Such couples are the ones who possess the capacity to have a long, harmonious existence with each other and learn to make the best out of their marriage as well.

In today’s world if you conduct your survey about these seven definitions of love. And ask people to genuinely pick the kind of love they’ve been a part of or are still entwined in, you’ll soon realize that consummate love is the rarest of them all. What type of love have you experienced in life? Tell us your answers in the comments below.

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