11 Uncomfortable Questions Every Couple Should Ask Before Tying The Knot

Written by Niharika Nayak

Everyone knows that good communication is one of the most essential parts of dating and being in a relationship, however, some topics can be a bit difficult to approach. As nerve wracking as it may feel, it’s important that you and your partner discuss them to ensure that you are making the right decision. If you and your partner have recently gotten engaged, then you need to muster up the courage to ask them these questions as they may be make or break for some couples. Getting married is a major decision and something that shouldn’t be taken too lightly so do read through our article to see how these questions can build a strong foundation in your marriage:

1. Have You Ever Had A Venereal Disease?

Have You Ever Had A Venereal Disease


Venereal diseases are definitely not the most glamorous topic of conversation, but it’s important to discuss if you don’t know your partner’s relationship history all that well. Before you get married, you need to ensure that your partner (if infected) does not pass it on to you. It is a good idea to visit a doctor and take an STD test together so you can both be on the safe side.

2. How Do You Feel About Your Finances?

How Do You Feel About Your Finances


It’s important to have honest conversations about money. And no, it isn’t just about how much money you make or what debts you may have collected. You need to also talk about if either of you have some baggage around spending or earning. What are your expectations towards contributing to the household and how much percent of your salary would you like to set aside into it.

3. Do You Want To Have Children?

Do You Want To Have Children


When it comes to children, it’s especially important that you and your partner are on the same page. If your partner does not want to have children, do not expect them to randomly change their mind or try to coerce them into having children. And if your partner does want to have children, find out how many and how many years from your marriage.

4. What Are Your Worries For Our Relationship?

What Are Your Worries For Our Relationship


While this may seem like a loaded question to ask someone, it can help them open up about the true state of your relationship. If both of you are feeling confident about your relationship and where it is, then you should move forward with the marriage.

5. How Can I Help You When You’re Stressed?

How Can I Help You When You’re Stressed


One of the best ways you can reassure your partner that the relationship is secure is by learning how to help your partner when they are feeling down. Some people need space, others need reassurance and others need a pep talk- everybody handles things differently.

6. Are There Any Exes That Are Still In The Picture?

Are There Any Exes That Are Still In The Picture


Avoid trying to stalk your partner’s exes on social media and ask your partner to be upfront about any past relationships they may have had. Ask them if they are still in touch with their exes and if there is any possibility that they would want to get back together.

7. What Are Your Expectations Around Childcare And Parenting?

What Are Your Expectations Around Childcare And Parenting


If you’ve both decided that you want to have children, then you need to speak about what responsibilities each parent will take on. You need to discuss how each of you will discipline your kids and whether you will be strict or a little lenient.

8. What Do You Admire About Me, And What Are Your Pet Peeves?

What Do You Admire About Me, And What Are Your Pet Peeves


This is an important question to ask so you can find out what your partner loves about you and what they may not like as much. Since marriage is a lifetime commitment, it isn’t enough to always click and be perfectly suited for one another. A marriage is a lot deeper than just the original click.

9. Who Plans To Primarily Handle The Finances?

Who Plans To Primarily Handle The Finances


A major decision like marriage requires not just emotional preparation but also logical planning. It is important to see which of you is more adept at handling finances and are willing to take on that responsibility in the marriage.

10. Do You Have Any Debts?

Do You Have Any Debts


It’s important to know if you are getting married to someone who is paying off a debt. Discussing debts is very very important and if there is a serious discrepancy between the income of you and your partner, you should know if they expect you to help them pay off their debts.

11. How Open Are You To Feedback And Change?

How Open Are You To Feedback And Change


Although this is a trait that it’s better to get an idea of at the beginning of a relationship, it never hurts to sit and reevaluate how well both of you are to be adaptable and open. Since getting married is a major commitment, you would want to ensure that your partner and you can deal with the ebbs and flows.

Keeping all of these in mind is important if you plan on getting wedded to someone in the near future. After all, this is a decision that should not be taken lightly and it’s important to establish a certain level of honesty in a relationship. Do let us know all of your thoughts on this article in the comment section below!

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