8 Unconventional Ways Of Using A Deodorant

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Who could have guessed that deodorant could be used for way more than just smelling fresh? Almost every one of us depends on deodorants to smell good and feel confident, but not all of us are enlightened about the other unconventional ways your deodorant can serve you. Even though they are amusing at a glance, we suggest you don’t use them for other purposes every day. Here are some ways deodorant can be used that will surely surprise you.

1. It May Be Used To Suppress Body Acne

It May Be Used To Suppress Body Acne
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Yes, you read that right, and here is how you can do it. To begin, remove any excess oil and dirt from your face by washing it with mild soap and water. Now to make sure the zit goes away, after a while, apply some deodorant-containing antiperspirant on the skin. It’s perfect for waxing your legs without causing any harm to your skin. Before waxing, apply some deodorant containing antiperspirant to your skin to prevent irritation and strawberry legs that sometimes result from shaving or epilating.

2. It May Prevent Blisters

It May Prevent Blisters
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Certain deodorants may help prevent foot blisters in certain situations, such as hiking. To be effective, the anhydrous ethyl alcohol solution must include 20% aluminum chloride hexahydrate.

3. It May Keep The Makeup On Your Face Intact

It May Keep The Makeup On Your Face Intact
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The oiliest parts of your face might benefit from a thin coating of antiperspirant deodorant. If you spray your makeup with deo, your makeup will hold up for a lot longer. It is recommended that you test this out with an aluminum-free natural deodorant.

4. It May Soothe Mosquito Bites

It May Soothe Mosquito Bites
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Mosquito bites can be soothed by applying an antiperspirant deodorant on bare skin. Should you get bitten, you can use it to soothe the irritation. Deodorant contains aluminum salts, which reduce inflammation and discomfort.

5. It May Prevent Your Specks From Falling Off Your Nose

It May Prevent Your Specks From Falling Off Your Nose
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All you need to do is, apply a little amount of antiperspirant deodorant on the bridge of your nose. That can keep the glasses from slipping down. When you shop, look for the word “antiperspirant” on the label, not just “deodorant.”

6. It May Prevent The Shine On Your Face

It May Prevent The Shine On Your Face
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Using a deodorant containing a natural antiperspirant to your face’s T-zone will help keep your skin from getting shiny from excess oil production. However, the alcohol in the spray can make

your skin is too dry if you overdo it. Make sure you don’t use this trick regularly.

 7. It Can Be Used To Remove Nail Paint

It Can Be Used To Remove Nail Paint
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You can remove nail paint using a concentrated deodorant spray. All you need to do is spread it over the nails. However, we suggest you use a nail polish remover to remove nails, and don’t try to use deodorant for this purpose on an everyday basis.

 8. It May Reduce Hair Frizz

It May Reduce Hair Frizz
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Using antiperspirant deodorant around the hairline and around the face may help you maintain a tidy hairdo and keep frizz at bay. Always protect your eyes by closing them and working attentively. The same thing applies to the back of your neck, close to your hairline. The frizziness of your hair will be reduced in that area as well.

 How Are Deodorants Useful

How Are Deodorants Useful
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Deodorants work by neutralizing the body’s natural microorganisms that produce unpleasant scents. As the microorganisms responsible for foul body odor are eradicated, the stench vanishes, too. Perfume, on the other hand, will leave you smelling wonderfully fresh all over, while deodorant will mask the odor your body naturally gives off as a result of perspiration and bacteria.

 The Risks Of Using Deodorant

The Risks Of Using Deodorant
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Aluminum zirconium compounds are included in most deodorants. They may contribute to the development of health problems including migraines, asthma, and cardiovascular disease. Aluminum chlorohydrates are also found in deodorants, and they have been linked to an increased risk of skin cancer and other skin problems. The antibacterial ingredient triclosan is added to deodorants to eliminate odor-causing microorganisms. Hormonal imbalance is one effect of triclosan. Some people are also sensitive to the ingredients in deodorants and antiperspirants. While experiencing an allergic response, it might be difficult to pinpoint the precise cause. Consult your doctor before using deodorant if you know you have an allergy to some of these chemicals.

Deodorants don’t stay on the skin for a long time, and hence they may require reapplication. Please take note that using a natural deodorant is preferable to using an artificial one. The natural deodorant will not cause any unpleasant odors. They just have a pleasant aroma and are gentler on the skin. So, have you tried these unconventional uses of deodorant? Let us know in the comments section!


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