9 Underwear Mistakes That Could Affect Our Health

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What kind of underwear you choose to buy, and wear is a secret you share only with your wardrobe. However, the problem starts when it peeks out or causes you discomfort while it’s crunched under layers of clothing. No one likes to fix a wedgie, bra strap and other underwear problems in public; but unfortunately, most of us are guilty of making some common mistakes while buying and wearing them. Read on to know them, and comment on which ones you can relate to!

1. Not Wearing Bras That Look Good With Your Clothes

Not Wearing Bras That Look Good With Your Clothes
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We all know it’s inappropriate to go around flashing your undergarments under your clothes, and this includes your bra strap. But if your bra has an interesting print or other characteristics that are meant to be seen, then by all means, flaunt them. Experts in the fashion industry suggest shopping for bras with interchangeable straps so you may switch to a more fun and appropriate style whenever you want.

2. Wearing Shapewear Too Often

Wearing Shapewear Too Often
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All of us are aware of the miraculous effects that shapewear can have on our figures. It can effortlessly reduce your size and restore your silhouette. However, there are still a few details concerning this apparel that you should be aware of. Avoid wearing restrictive clothing daily. Also, getting the appropriate size is crucial to avoiding problems like skin irritation, poor circulation, as well as acid reflux. The most obvious sign that your shapewear is too small is if it leaves markings on your body.

3. Not Adjusting Bra Strap Length

Not Adjusting Bra Strap Length
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Your bra straps may need to be moved up or down to accommodate breast drooping. Women with larger breasts will benefit greatly from the straps’ ability to keep the entire structure in place. Running two fingers beneath the strap is a foolproof way to check if it is secure without being overly tight, strained, or scraping into your skin.

4. Not Checking The Seams Of Your Underwear

Not Checking The Seams Of Your Underwear
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Although flatlock seams are the preferred method of construction, some companies still employ traditional seams, which can be itchy and uncomfortable. They also make undergarments more obvious when worn. So, while looking for new undergarments, be sure to inspect the seams.

5. Using Fragrant Laundry Detergent To Wash Your Undergarments

Using Fragrant Laundry Detergent To Wash Your Undergarments
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Using scented fabric conditioners and other laundry detergents while washing underwear is not uncommon. These details give undergarments a clean, new look. However, because the skin in the intimate region is so delicate, synthetic fragrances may produce discomfort or even an allergic response. Use hypoallergenic detergent on your underwear if you have sensitive skin.

6. Wearing Bras With A Lesser Number Of Clasps

Wearing Bras With A Lesser Number Of Clasps
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A majority of bras have three clasps at the back, and you should avoid buying those that just have one. The three-clasp design ensures the bra will fit for longer, even after stretching. You should try on a bra to see whether it fits with the first clasp undone, and then, after some time has passed and the bra has stretched, you may go up to the next clasp.

7. Buying White Underwear

Buying White Underwear
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White underwear has been the go-to for many women for several decades due to the widespread belief that it is both timeless and universally flattering. You should wear pale colors if you don’t want your underwear to be seen through your clothes, however white underwear is still colored. Common colors for underwear include nude and beige. Wearing a white bra over a white blouse can draw unwanted attention to yourself. The same thing will occur if you wear it under some dark undergarments under white clothes. The consensus amongst experts is to avoid buying white underwear and instead go for a more natural shade.

8. Wearing A Push-Up Bra Everyday

Wearing A Push-Up Bra Everyday
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While it’s smart to sometimes don a high-quality push-up bra, doing so all the time is a surefire recipe for misery. Push-up bras are designed to elevate the breasts by applying pressure to a sensitive area. The lymphatic system is responsible for carrying toxins out from the body, but continual pressure might hinder this process.

9. Not Choosing Underwear According To Your Body Type

Not Choosing Underwear According To Your Body Type
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Like picking underpants, bras require careful consideration of the wearer’s anatomy. It’s possible that the underwear you choose isn’t actually healthy for you, despite your preference. It’s important to recognize your body’s type and dress appropriately. High-rise pants, rather than boxers, are recommended for those with an hourglass figure, and vice versa if you want the legs to seem longer. Make sure your undergarments complement your outfit. If you want to avoid any future embarrassment, you should always test on your new underwear along with your favorite skirts and shirts.

Underwear, it turns out, has its own set of unspoken laws that actually simplify our daily lives. Which of these regulations were new to you? Do you know of any helpful hints concerning underwear? Let us know in the comments section!

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