5 Underwear Mistakes That Are Bad For Your Health

Written by Shivani K  • 

If there’s one piece of clothing that we women can’t go without wearing, it has to be our underwear. Our underwear plays many roles. Apart from helping us look good by giving our booty the right shape, it also prevents our nether regions from contracting any type of infections.

A few years back we didn’t really have a lot of options when it came to choosing undergarments for ourselves. But now, things are different. We have the liberty to choose from a wide range of underwear, keeping our body types and problems in mind (blessed). Still, many women out there end up making the wrong choices when it comes to underwear. And what happens when you make the wrong choices? You face the consequences, and, in this case, those consequences relate to your body and health. Here are a few mistakes that we think women always make when it comes to picking their underwear.

1. Synthetic Lingerie

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Why do women wear sexy lingerie? Mostly, it’s because they feel attractive in it. But we all know what sexy lingerie is made from, right? It’s usually made from materials such as synthetic cloth, silk, faux silk, lace or net. It’s impossible for our skin to breathe in such fabrics. Also, if your skin is too sensitive, then chances are that it will get irritated down there. If you happen to wear underwear, that is made up of such a fabric for too long, then you also become more susceptible to bacterial or yeast infections. Therefore, for the sake of your own health, please consider wearing underwear that is made from breathable fabrics like cotton as it will be gentle on your skin.

2. Wrong Detergents

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You shouldn’t wash your intimate wear with the same detergent that you use to wash your other clothes. To wash your delicates, choose detergents that are mild, not scented, and can be washed off easily. If you are facing unexplained itching down there then your laundry detergent can be the reason for this. Therefore, make sure you use hypoallergenic detergents to wash your intimate wear.

3. Sweaty Undies

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The area down there is naturally moist and warm. And if you’re someone who sweats a lot, then it’s going to be all the more troublesome for you. Therefore, it’s very important to change your underwear twice a day, the reason being, well, you sweat a lot, right? And if you work out every day at the gym or at home, then try to make sure that you change into dry underwear as soon as you can, after your workout. If that’s not possible, you can invest in underwear which is made from moisture-wicking materials. The main thing is to avoid sitting around in sweaty panties, as they are nothing but a nursing home for yeast and bacteria.

4. Not Going “Commando” At Night

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Yes, you read that right. Most of the experts out there are urging people to sleep without having their underpants on (in your birthday outfit) (1). Of course, do it only if you are comfortable in doing so. Sleeping without underwear will allow your nether regions to air out. It will also make all the moisture and sweat evaporate. Therefore, all the problems that occur there because of the night sweat can be avoided easily.

5. Shapewear

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If you’re somebody who puts shapewear in the undergarment category and wears it every day, then trust us, you are risking your health just for the sake of appearance. Shapewear such as the popular tummy-hip slimming kind, or the waist-cinching corsets, if worn regularly, can cause issues with blood circulation down there. It can even lead to nerve impingements. And, that’s not all, there are more cons to wearing shapewear. It can make those areas numb too. Also, shapewear makes it difficult for women to go to the loo, to attend to the calls of nature. As a result, they avoid going to the loo to relieve themselves, as often as they should, which in turn can lead to severe health problems. Therefore, don’t make it a habit to wear your shapewear every day. Keep it for special occasions only.

What’s The Good News Here?

Well, women who are going through menopause or women who are aged 50 and above, have fewer or almost null chances when it comes to contracting bacterial infections down there. This is mainly because menopause changes your pH levels, making the area under your hood, less prone to infections

At the end of it, all we are asking you to do is to develop smart underwear habits, keeping your personal preferences in mind. Observe how sensitive your skin is down there, and pick your underwear accordingly. It’s more like using your conventional wisdom with a teeny weeny bit of medical thoughtfulness. If you have any other insights to add to this, do let us know in the comments below.

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