13 Unique Tree Decoration Ideas You Have To Give A Try This Christmas

by Niharika Nayak

Christmas is that wonderful time of the year when the entire family comes together and celebrates. This year has been quite a tough time for many of us and celebrating might be the last thing on your mind. This is true especially if you’ve lost a loved one this year like many of us did. If you plan on having a socially distanced Christmas celebration, you can always decorate your Christmas tree the way you like. There are tonnes of ways in which you can turn your Christmas tree into a holiday statement. Whether you’re a minimalist or someone who likes to go all out, we’ve got a lot of Christmas tree decoration ideas for you. Here’s our list of unique Christmas tree decoration ideas:

1. Dreamcatcher Christmas Tree

Dreamcatcher Christmas Tree


This unique and super bright tree is designed with just fairy lights, dreamcatchers, masking tape, and some branch twigs. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly way to celebrate Christmas and you don’t want to buy a Christmas tree, you can add some cute pinecones to the twig branches to make it look pretty aesthetic and unique.

2. Fake Frosted Christmas Tree

Fake Frosted Christmas Tree


There are tonnes of fake frosting products and sprays available that you can spray all over your indoor Christmas tree to give it a frosted outdoor tree effect. This would go well with all-white decor or even red Christmas themed decor.

3. Book And Jenga Christmas Tree

Book And Jenga Christmas Tree


This exciting take on a Christmas tree is for all you knowledgeable people who love having their books all around them. You can deck this Christmas tree up with rice lights, a rectangle plank, and some giant Jenga blocks as support.

4. Single Color Baubles

Single Color Baubles


These beautiful aquamarine blue baubles are the perfect Christmas tree decoration. If you love going for themed decorations, you should definitely opt for a single colored tone. You can get multiple shades of blue baubles and wow your guests with the decorations.

5. Traditional Decorations

Traditional Decorations


You cannot go wrong with traditional Christmas tree decorations. All you need is gold and red baubles, and a unique Christmas star or other piece of decoration as a topper (you may not need a topper if the decorations are heavy already). If you’re someone who wants Christmas to be all about traditions, this is the route you should go for. It would look best by an old fashioned fireplace and with Christmas gifts scattered at the bottom.

6. Minimalist Christmas Tree

Minimalist Christmas Tree


If you’re someone who wants to go for a rather unique Christmas tree, you should try making this makeshift tree with pieces of cardboard and other interesting baubles like heart shaped ones, circular ones, and even square ones. This Christmas tree topper is super beautiful, and you can definitely find something similar online.

7. Pick-A-Number-Chit Christmas Tree

Pick-A-Number-Chit Christmas Tree


You can mark a few gifts with some numbers and then put a gift behind each different number and co-ordinate the chits according to the gifts. The gifts don’t necessarily have to be grand. All you have to do is ask your friends to pick a number and hope they enjoy what they get! Of course, make a list of all the gifts they want, and then you can have an exchange if someone doesn’t get what they want, and another person at the party wants to exchange as well.

8. Peacock Baubles Tree

Peacock Baubles Tree


You can theme your Christmas tree according to the colors of the majestically colored peacock. Use faux peacock feathers and avoid using natural ones as far as possible. The purple and blue colored decorations are absolutely gorgeous and perfect for a vibrant vibe.

9. Fruit Christmas Tree

Fruit Christmas Tree


This super cute and super sweet Christmas tree is the best for a colorful and delicious-looking dinner. Use grapes, strawberries, pineapples, and blackberries. You can also use a pineapple star as your Christmas topper.

10. Recyclable Christmas Tree

Recyclable Christmas Tree


What better way to have an eco-friendly Christmas than to have a recyclable Christmas tree? You can add tiny paper balls onto the tree to create these fun red and completely recyclable baubles. Make ample use of shredded paper to cover the area around it.

11. Outdoor Christmas Tree

Outdoor Christmas Tree


The best part about having an outdoor Christmas tree is that it can be as large as you want it to be. If you live in a snow-covered area, this would be a pretty awesome tree to have. Use a star with a light bulb inside as the tree topper.

12. Pink Fir Branch Tree

Pink Fir Branch Tree


An artificial pink fir Christmas tree is super cute and perfect for people who love the color pink. Who says you need to skip a Christmas tree if you want to be unique? You can get one specially made and decorate it with Candyland themed decorations. You can use silvery, colored baubles as decoration.

13. Camera Tripod Christmas Tree

Camera Tripod Christmas Tree


This is a fun camera tripod Christmas tree for all you photography enthusiasts, and you can definitely deck your hall up with it. You can wrap some colorful rice lights around it, so it reflects like a Christmas tree on your wall.

While this Christmas might not necessarily be the best one you’ve had so far, that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a good time and try to keep up the Christmas spirit. It is important to celebrate the festival with happy thoughts and a positive mindset. Did you enjoy any of the ideas we suggested on our list? Tell us which unique Christmas tree was your favorite from this list in the comment section below!

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