5 Unique Styles Of Saree Draping

by Shivani K

Whenever any celebration knocks at our door, we go bonkers over finding that one outfit for ourselves that will not only showcase our personal style in the best manner possible, but would also make us look good and, noticed by our crushes.

And as per the current trends, we millennials love to dress up in our traditional best for all events and functions even if the functions themselves aren’t all that traditional (just have a look-see at Sara Ali Khan’s Instagram account, you will know what I am talking about). The desi vibe has never been this popular among the younger crowd. And of all the desi garments, it’s the saree which is riding this wave of popularity.

It’s almost impossible to look bad in a saree, the only clincher is that you should know how to drape it well. Let us ask you this question, how many styles of draping a saree do you know about? We bet you won’t know more than two. But, are you aware that there are plenty of different ways in which you can drape a saree? Yup, it’s true. Without further ado, let’s introduce you to five such draping styles that will help you look fabulous and flattering in the saree. Here you go:

The Belt Style


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This is a very convenient way of giving a new touch to your everyday saree. All you need is a belt to clinch the pallu of your saree at the waist. The belts could be of any type — the normal ones you wear with your pants, embroidered fabric ones, metallic ones, and if you want to go for an extremely traditional look, then you could also go for a traditional kamarbandh. Who said that it’s only the brides who get to wear it on their big day? You can also choose to wear an off-shoulder crop top as your blouse to add more zing to your outfit.

The DhotiStyle


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The style quotient of this style of draping is quite high and that’s why it’s becoming popular among the fashionistas. This style of draping is also more comfortable as it allows you to move about freely. The only difference in this style is that you don’t have to wear the petticoat, instead, you can wear a pant or an ankle-length legging. And you have to pleat the pallu as you normally do, but the rest of the saree also has to be pleated and tucked into your waist in a way that your bodice is covered up well. Click here to get a better idea.

For a contemporary look, you can team your dhoti-style saree with a jacket and look uber-cool!

The Butterfly Style

You’ll find many Bollywood celebs draping their sarees this way. It is a non-bulky and a very modern way of styling your saree. The butterfly style not only makes you look stylish, but it also makes you look slimmer and highlights the curves of your body.

How do you drape it like a butterfly? You just need to make extra thin (like really thin) pleats of your pallu and wear them by pinning them down over your shoulders. When you pin the pleats on your shoulder, make sure that the part of the saree covering your chest is neatly spread out to create a fan-like or butterfly shape. If you want to a bold look, then there’s another variation to this — pleat the pallu into a single column and wear it across your torso and pin it up over your shoulder. Make sure you’re wearing an elegant blouse if you choose this style of draping, it just gives a sophisticated finish to the whole look.

The Alternate Bengali Style


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Bengali sarees are known not just for their beautiful patterns and colors, but also the distinct way in which they are worn. And the most-loved bong style of draping has its own alternative too. It involves a reverse draping of the pallu just as shown in the picture. If your saree has a grand, rich border then this style of draping the saree will do the justice to it When a saree does the work of flaunting your figure in the most elegant way, you need to flaunt it in the best manner as well! It deserves the attention just like you, you see!

The Mumtaz Style


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This is a retro style of draping the saree which was made popular by veteran Bollywood actress, Mumtaz. It’s been decades since then, and even to this day, you can find that this Mumtaz style has resurfaced in the fashion world in a much grander avatar. The Mumtaz style of saree draping makes it look like you’ve worn a skirt and draped the pallu over it in a wrap-around manner. The secret to getting this style right is layering your saree in the right manner. Watch this video to know how to do it the right way.

These were some of the most unique ways of wearing the nine yards. Wearing a saree differently is bound to up your sass quotient by several notches. If you know of any other style of draping, let us know in the comments below.

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