6 Unusual Ways Your Body Warns You About Your Health

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The human body is like a highly sophisticated machine that needs its fueling maintenance and rests to function properly. While we think we are doing enough to go about the day, most of us are guilty of pushing our bodies to the extent after which our bodies can’t take it anymore. And just like the warning red blinking light in any machine that indicates a malfunction, our bodies too have signs to show the budding of illnesses. Knowing them will help you treat them at the very beginning and help you lead a long healthy life. Read on to know them all.

1. Your Eyes Feel Dry All The Time

Your Eyes Feel Dry All The Time
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It is no surprise that if you stare at your smartphone or computer screen for too long, you may get dryness and itching in your eyes. However, if your eyes and lips are always dry, it might be an indication of body inflammation (1). Infection of the glands that generate tears and saliva is a possible cause of dry eyes if it persists over a long time. If you feel your eyes drying without a cause, make sure you take the help of an expert to get rid of the problem right away. Also, it is important to drink plenty of water so you are always hydrated and don’t have chapped lips. You can also take eye drops to keep your eyes from drying out after consulting a doctor.

2. Your Hair Is Falling Out In Clusters

Your Hair Is Falling Out In Clusters
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While the occasional hair strands found on your brush are expected, a significant increase in hair fall may indicate an iron deficiency (2). Lack of iron in the diet can have several negative effects on health, including hair loss. To ensure you receive enough iron, try increasing your intake of foods like red meat, almonds, and dried apricots. You can also take iron supplements after taking recommendations from a health expert.

3. Your Teeth Feel Very Sensitive

Your Teeth Feel Very Sensitive
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Tooth sensitivity may be caused by temperature extremes, but it might also be an indication of digestive issues. Acid reflux may cause tooth deterioration and discomfort (3). The enamel on your teeth is the first line of defense against decay, and if your dentist catches the problem early on, you won’t need any special treatment. So make sure you pay a visit to the dentist with the first sign of tooth decay.

4. You Are Always Thirsty

You Are Always Thirsty
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We all know that staying hydrated is essential for our health, however, chronic thirst might be a warning sign of diabetes. Excess urination and thirst are symptoms of diabetes because the kidneys have to work harder to remove glucose from the blood. If you feel you are always thirsty and you use the washroom way more than others, it’s best to get checked at the earliest and get treated in time.

5. Your Feces Float

Your Feces Float
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Have you ever experienced the panic when you use the washroom at someone else’s house and your poop floats and just won’t go even after multiple flushes? Well, if you haven’t, you are really lucky! Stools typically sink in water when you get them out of your system, but some bodily changes might cause them to float. Possible causes of floating stools include consuming meals high in gas-forming foods. Floating stools aren’t normally alarming, but you can avoid gas-inducing meals like beans, milk, and fast foods. Doing so will also soothe your stomach and prevent you from getting stomach bloating.

6. You Always Feel Cold

You Always Feel Cold
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It’s only natural that we would want to crank up the heat when the temperature drops. However, inadequate thyroid production may be the cause of your constant need for a blanket or jacket. If your thyroid hormone levels are low, your metabolism may lag and you may feel cold even when the room temperature is normal. If you feel cold while others are warm, you need to get thyroid tests done right away (4). It will also make you feel slow and lazy and make you fall back on your work.

Most of us delay going for a health checkup till our body pushes us to that extent where we can’t ignore it anymore. However, if you don’t take rest, your body will schedule a resting time for you which may not be very convenient for you. Just like any machine, your body needs frequent checkups too. Even if the symptoms are not alarming, it might be the start of something that can be stopped at the nip. So make sure you pay heed to your body and nurture it the right way. So do any of these symptoms sound familiar to you? Let us know in the comments section!

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