5 Epsom Salt Remedies That Banish Acne

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Acne is possibly the biggest enemy that we women face. It’s like acne knows when there’s a special occasion coming up, for it will just strike! And who hasn’t looked at the perfect skin on other women and felt the stab of a thousand knives on the inside, right? How can life be so unfair? How is it that only some women are blessed with flawless skin, while some of us have to deal with acne! Isn’t acne supposed to disappear along with puberty?

I mean, why does a woman (who is way past puberty) have to deal with acne on such a regular basis? And that too, only a few women. Some questions don’t have answers, I suppose. But thankfully, there are ways to deal with acne that do not involve black magic and wizardry. Or even setting your face on fire. There are non-violent, natural, and organic ways in which your acne problem can be controlled, and even brought to an end if you’re lucky enough!

So, what is this magic solution (no pun intended) that we’re alluding to? It’s none other than our common kitchen salt’s slightly better-off cousin – Epsom salt! Yes. Salt. That is all you need to get those ugly, red, and painful bumps off your face.

At this point, we can almost hear your sarcastic, “Yeah right!” through the screen. Because let’s be honest: haven’t we all tried everything under the sun and gotten no satisfactory results at all? We totally get your skepticism and disbelief. But then again, like they say in Hindi, “Try karne mein kya jaata hai,” right?

But jokes apart, Epsom salt contains some really good antiseptic qualities, which help in clearing your skin of impurities. In addition to that, it has a myriad of properties that make it the perfect acne remedy. For example:

  • It reduces pain, swelling, redness, and all things acne because of its anti-inflammatory qualities.
  • It contains magnesium, which is very good in ridding the body of stress – one of the most notorious reasons for breakouts.
  • It also contains vitamin D, potassium, and zinc, which help to maintain the skin’s health.
  • All salts dehydrate, and Epsom salt is no exception. It helps in dehydrating bacteria, which is a big culprit when it comes to acne.
  • Salt also acts as an exfoliator, which helps in removing dead skin cells and dirt from pores.

We hope that you’re at least a little more convinced now! Either way, here are ways in which you can use Epsom salt to clear your skin of acne.

1. With Baking Soda

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If you’re suffering from cystic acne, this is the perfect remedy for you! Mix baking soda and Epsom salt in equal amounts with a bit of water. Once this mixture is ready, apply it on the affected areas, let it dry, and wash off. Remember that patience is the key to such remedies.

2. With Lemon Juice

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This will sound very suspiciously like an exotic recipe for lemonade, but trust us, it works wonders on acne. Just like making lemonade, the first step is to juice the lemon. Once you have enough, add equal parts Epsom salt (our hero ingredient) to it. The same procedure has to be followed here too – apply, let it dry, then wash off.

Because of the presence of lemon, your skin might sting a bit; however, worry not. It’s just the antiseptic properties of lemon juice and Epsom salt, which have a cleansing effect on your skin. Also, don’t forget to moisturize later, as lemon tends to have a drying effect on the skin.

3. With Honey

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The good thing about honey is that it is an all-around good product of nature. It tastes yummy, helps in losing weight, and is also amazing for the skin and body as a whole. It has extensive use in Ayurveda and features very prominently in Ayurvedic remedies. But did you know honey could help banish acne like nothing else?

All you have to do is combine this superfood with equal amounts of Epsom salt, then apply it on the affected area. Leave it on for about 15 to 20 minutes before washing it off. As in the previous case, don’t forget to moisturize after.

4. With Tea Tree Oil

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Tea tree oil is also quite amazing for the skin because of the antioxidants present in it. This requires slightly more work than the other remedies, for you will need to boil the tea tree oil with water and Epsom salt in it. But keep this mixture handy and keep applying it on the affected areas with the help of cotton wool, and you will definitely see results!

5. With Coconut Oil

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If you haven’t heard of coconut oil and its groundbreaking properties, you have surely been living under a rock! I mean, with the whole keto diet fad taking over the whole world, it’s hard not to have heard about coconut oil. But did you also know that it’s super amazing for the skin as well, and not just for hair and weight loss? For this particular remedy, you have to heat the coconut oil and add the Epsom salt in it so that it melts. Allow this to cool and then apply to the affected areas.

Believe it or not, your skin will definitely have a different glow to it once you start including Epsom salt in your beauty regime! Know someone who battles with acne on a daily basis just like you? Don’t forget to share this article with them.

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