5 Videos That Make The Ultimate Bridal Guide For Skin & Hair

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Dresses, flowers, banquet, food, guest list. There are multitudes of things that revolve in our mind while planning for the D-Day. Unconsciously or consciously, we try and make a checklist involving all the necessities – ranging from the perfect dress to put on, to flawless skin and enchanting makeup and hair. And it is quite obvious that every girl wants to look her best at the venue, regardless of whether she is attending the event or is the bride herself.

So, here we are to present you with a few videos to meet all your requirements. We will ensure that you look no less flawless than Kim Kardashian!

Check them out!

1. Best Short Hairstyle For Bridesmaid – Tutorial

What’s better than to start the list by introducing some nit-prick, yet elegant hairdos for the ladies-in-charge? Ah, yes, I’m talking about the bridesmaids, who hog the remnant attention in the pool of guests, alongside the ever-pretty bride. Now, yes, the bridesmaids have a lot of things to do, from getting the bride ready to making the wedding look perfect by their grace and charm. And who cares if you have nape-length hair or long tresses like that of Rapunzel, you can still shine by using this quick guide to perfection. An ode to pure beauty!

2. Special Wedding Hairstyle For Long Hair

Aha, introducing a chic and never-done-before hairstyle for the bride who is blessed with long and luscious hair can be a little bit tricky, but what are we here for? This elegantly woven hairdo is classy and mess-free and most definitely unique (I know, I know, that’s what you are looking for!), and carries the power to take up the bridal gown’s elegance up a notch, making the most beautiful day of the lady even more alluring. Worrying about the lengthy process and thousands of expensive hair products? Don’t! This style is unique in terms of time taken and products used as well. See it for yourself.


3. How To Do Bridal Makeup – DIY Tutorial

Think of the worst case scenario – you are wildly waiting for the makeup artist to arrive just before the wedding, and then you get to know that he or she is late – or even worse, not available at all! Or what if all the artists around the town are busy with one wedding or the another?NOOOOO! I know, just thinking about this situation is too scary. But we cannot go around sulking and spoil our own event, right? Ah, you got the drift! Bridal makeup is very immaculate and intricate, but isn’t rocket science. You can get the perfect bridal look by going through our tutorial. Here is the clip:


5. DIY Indian Wedding Makeup Tutorial

Yes, the title says ‘Do It Yourself’, and anyway, when the dress was of your choice, don’t you want to have control over what pancake or powder is put on your face? There are multitudes of shades that can suit the normal wheatish skin of an Indian woman. All you need to do is to decide how dramatic you want the colors to be, what shades to apply that matches with your attire, as well as which part of the face to focus on! That’s it!


6. Stunning Bridal Mehndi Design That You Should Try For Your Wedding

Technically, the mehndi ceremony falls one or two days before the actual wedding, so, the list should have started with mehndi designs. But, as they say, ‘Better late than never’! So, help yourself with the exquisitely amazing and intricately beautiful mehndi designs shown in the video below, and choose the one that will suit your dress and makeup best. You can always hire a professional to do these designs perfectly, but what’s the harm in getting an idea of the designs beforehand to omit any confusion? Just give it a try!

Be it the brides or their friends, wedding ceremonies are one of the most sought-after events that give you freedom to experiment with your looks and styles. So, if you find any of these tutorials suitable for your D-day, let us know. Also, if you have any suggestions, do comment in the box below.

All the very best!

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