8 Wardrobe Essentials That Need To Be Worn A Size Larger

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If you are a person who loves shopping for clothes, you probably know what size to buy, what colors suit you, and which shape to go for. Be it online or shopping in person, new clothes always make you feel good. However, it is not uncommon to find yourself in clothes that are your size but don’t entirely give you the look you were hoping to accomplish. This is because not all clothes need to fit you just right; some look better a size larger. To avoid all the confusion, here is a list of wardrobe essentials that look best when worn a size up. Read on to know them all.

1. Bodycon Dresses

Bodycon Dresses
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This might take you by surprise as the very name suggests that it should stick to your skin. But if you have any experience with a bodycon dress, the stretchy material makes your inner wear visible. So to be on the safe side, make sure you pick a size bigger than yours so it flaunts your curves without emphasizing the lining of your lingerie.

2. T-Shirt

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Gone are the days when your shirt stuck so close to your body that it felt like peeling your skin off once you tried to take it off. Thanks to the changing fashion trends, loose t-shirts are in, and the bigger, the better. This also helps you play with layers and style it more. You can put on a full shirt and then layer a t-shirt to make it look stylish.

3. Trench Coat

Trench Coat
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Winters are incomplete without draping a fashionable trench coat on. Since this is something you wear after getting wholly dressed, it would be wise to wear a larger size. This will help you flaunt the oversized look and also enable you to put layers of clothing on so you don’t freeze while enjoying the chilly winds.

4. Socks

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Have you ever bought socks of your size, washed them, and then had difficulty pulling them up again? Well, you are not alone! Most cotton socks shrink due to their material, and to maintain good hygiene, you must wash them after each wear. So the best thing to do is get a size up, so it doesn’t hurt you when it shrinks.

5. Blazer

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A blazer is your best friend when you want to add a layered look to your attire. You can pair it with almost everything, and it also helps you cover your off-shoulder dress when it’s too chilly. When buying a blazer, make sure it is bigger than your size. This will help you wear about anything inside without you fearing if you will be able to button it up later or not.

6. Sundress

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Every wardrobe deserves a sundress; no matter what kind you choose, it will only make you look feminine and gorgeous. But sundresses are mostly cotton, and that comes with a risk of shrinking. So no matter what size fits you the best in the trial room, opt for a bigger one. If the size doesn’t shrink after the first wash, you can always hem it to make it your perfect size.

7. Denim Jacket

Denim Jacket
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Buying a jacket is always tricky. It needs to be big enough to hold layers of clothing inside, but it can’t be too big, so it looks like something you borrowed from the lighthouse keeper. So the trick is to go for just one size up. This will help you put on a sweater or hoodie and then wear your jacket as a finishing layer to your look. Also, oversized clothing is in, so even if it looks a tad bit bigger than your size, you can pair it with fitted shorts and complete the look.

8. Pumps

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Pumps are what awakes the feminine goddess in you. You must have seen how celebs pairpumps with almost every designer outfit and make it look like a piece of cake. But, to be honest, it may not feel like the most comfortable shoe to strut in. But, there is a trick to making it into your Cinderella shoes. The tighter your shoe is, the more your heels will feel like they are placed on a nail. So get yourself shoes that are half a size larger so that your feet can comfortably slide in while you balance yourself easily. Some celebs like Meghan Markle prefer to wear pumps that are two sizes up and pad their toes with cotton balls. That is how Meghan manages to walk flawlessly on heels all day.

Another thing you can do is tape your little toe with the toe next to it. This keeps the toe from rubbing against the pump walls and bruising.

Fashion is an ever-changing pursuit. The waves of trends can change from fitted bodycon tops to oversized tees pretty fast. But what is important is that you place comfort as the prime focus of your look. Fashion has not always been kind to the body which is why we must keep our health a priority and make sure you can breathe in whatever you choose to wear all day. So, what did you think of our oversized clothing guide? Let us know in the comments section. And, don’t forget to keep it stylish!

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