9 Ways Eating Processed Food Made The World Sick & Fat

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Processed foods have brought no good to our health. They are foods that contain chemicals, refined substances, and artificial ingredients, and have only harmful effects and no health benefits. They are rich in chemicals we don’t want and lack the essential nutrients our body needs. Eating them adds to the body fat and causes complications in the natural way our system works. Let’s look at some compelling reasons to avoid processed foods in our diet.

1. They Contain Crazy Amounts Of Sugar

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Sugar offers nothing but calories that have no real benefits, and processed foods are filled with sugar or high fructose corn syrup, ensuring that your health goes for a toss. Just to point out a few dangers of consuming high amounts of sugar: increase in bad cholesterol as well as fat build-up in the liver, resistance to insulin, and eventually, high risk of heart disease, cancer, and other deadly ailments.
You may not be using sugar as an additional ingredient, but you still need to watch your consumption of processed foods.

2. They Lead To Overeating

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Manufacturers know that the only way to maintain the production of processed foods is by making them taste so good that the consumers keep returning for another purchase. They don’t care about what ingredients end up in such items that make them so delicious and rewarding.

But here’s the problem: our bodies are designed to keep a natural check on the amount of food consumed and calories burned, thus ensuring a healthy body weight. Processed foods end up damaging that natural ability, and we often eat way more than what we really need. We get sick, continue to overconsume, and are often unable to restore that healthy balance.

3. They Are Full Of Artificial Ingredients

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Check the label of any processed item you purchase and see if you can figure out what some of those listed ingredients are. It’s highly likely that they are just chemicals that are used to ensure that the item lasts longer and tastes good.

Preservatives, texturants, flavors, and colorants are present in these highly processed foods. Moreover, manufacturers aren’t required to name some other added chemicals, for example, what all is included in artificial flavor.

4. Often Cause Addiction

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We know that processed foods are very rewarding since special attention is given to make them extremely desirable and tasty. This often leads to addiction, and people are often unable to control the amount of processed foods they consume.

Our body doesn’t need as much as we eat. However, given that these artificial foods essentially release high levels of dopamine when consumed and harmfully play with our brain chemistry, it becomes extremely difficult to have reasonable control over our diet.

5. Contain High Amounts of Refined Carbohydrates

We need carbs in our diet. But we don’t need refined carbs.

Processed foods mostly contain the refined version, which really doesn’t suffice our body’s requirement for carbs. They are easily digestible, and can lead to a rise in the levels of insulin and blood sugar. Once the levels come down, the body craves for carbs again. Over time, it gets difficult to get off the high carb diet that really isn’t healthy.

High amounts of refined carbs can lead to chronic diseases. Make sure you don’t fall for “whole grains” labels on processed items because they really don’t mean it! Try getting your carbs from whole foods.

6. Have Little Nutritional Value

If you want vital nutrients in the food you eat, unprocessed foods aren’t going to satisfy your need. Sometimes, they even try to add synthetic nutrients to make up for the natural ones.
Natural foods are way better for nutrients that are actually beneficial for your body. They contain minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, and many other trace nutrients that are essential to maintain a healthy diet.

7. Do Not Have Much Fiber

Fiber is good for you. The soluble type is especially beneficial for your digestive system. Fiber reduces bad cholesterol in your body, safeguards against strokes and diabetes, lowers blood pressure, and makes sure that you don’t feel hungry all the time by keeping you full with fewer calories.

Soluble fiber is also known to fix the problem of constipation – an issue often arising out of a diet full of processed items. The fiber that your body wants is low or missing in processed foods. So why not go for natural, whole foods?

8. Burn Fewer Calories

For a long shelf life, processed foods contain all kinds of refined ingredients that make chewing easier. Consequently, it takes less time to consume and little energy to digest as compared to unprocessed foods.

What you want, however, is to burn more calories, and use more time to chew so that your energy spent to consume different foods is well spent and helps you maintain a healthy weight.

9. Have Unhealthy Fats

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Saturated and trans fatty acids are brilliant in raising the cholesterol levels and increasing the risk of heart disease. You will find saturated fats in processed animal products and artificial trans fats in most packaged food.

Both types of fat are terribly bad for your system and every day, millions of people are consuming them in high amounts. Trans fats are deadly compared to other fats because even small amounts can lead to high risk of heart disease. The best ways to ensure that the fat in your diet isn’t the undesirable one are: avoid processed foods, get good at reading labels to watch out for trans fats and saturated fats, and include good fats in your diet, like coconut, olive oil, and butter.

Go for natural food instead of that processed crap that will only make you sick and fat. Who in the world would want to reside in a body that’s full of chemicals and lacks control? No one!

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