7 Ways Optical Illusions Can Make You Look Slimmer In Your Clothes

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Most of us assume that gaining a few extra pounds is what makes us look chubbier than we’d want. However, if that were true, stylists wouldn’t spend hours on designing clothes that highlight beautiful curves, and hide the unwanted bulges. Clothing is an art, and wearing the right clothes can help you alter your body shape according to your preference. So, if you are intrigued by the sorcery of clothing illusions and would want to know more, all you have to do is, read on!

1. Use Darker Colors To Tone Down The Wider Parts Of Your Body

Use Darker Colors To Tone Down The Wider Parts Of Your Body
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Darker hues are ideal if you would like to minimize the appearance of certain body parts. However, you must also be dressed in a brighter shade for this to work. This is because the human eye perceives darker forms as being smaller than their lighter counterparts. You can visually reduce the width of your upper torso by donning a black shirt over white slacks. Because of the contrasting hues, your upper body will seem smaller than your lower half.

2. Wear Vertical Lines

Wear Vertical Lines
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Wearing vertical stripes makes your physique appear longer and leaner. Keep in mind that the longer the figure seems, the more curvier the person looks. That’s why it’s best to choose garments with narrower stripes and less spaces between them. If you want to draw the eye away from your hips, use pants or skirts with side panels.

3. Use Horizontal Stripes Cleverly

Use Horizontal Stripes Cleverly
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You have likely heard that horizontal lines in clothing ought to be avoided at all costs. They have the potential to amplify your figure, but there is a right way to wear things that really look great. If you’re having trouble striking a balance between your upper and lower halves, try donning some stripes. If you want to make your bust seem bigger, for instance, put the stripes there. They are also wonderful for highlighting curves are horizontal stripes, which are a terrific option for curvy women. The use of contrasting colors in clothing has been popular since the 1960s & is a daring approach to producing optical illusions in the world of fashion. It involves donning clothes with bold, contrasting colors that are deliberately positioned through lines & geometric patterns to alter one’s profile. Dresses featuring dark cuts, geometric forms, and contrasting colors are great for creating the illusion of a trimmer figure.

4. Mix Horizontal And Vertical Stripes To Appear Curvier

Mix Horizontal And Vertical Stripes To Appear Curvier
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Although it goes against common sense, drawing a horizontal line across your upper or lower torso might make you appear taller. Why? Because of an optical illusion caused by the rule where a shadow is longer the farther your eyes have to move vertically before they reach a horizontal line. Try dresses and skirts with a wide, eye-catching stripe at the hem. This design element on the shoulder of a top may also work.

5. Wear High Waist Clothes

Wear High Waist Clothes
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When you wear pants or a skirt with a defined waist, you visually divide your upper and lower halves. Make your legs seem longer if you want to give the impression of having entirely different body proportions. High-waisted jeans, shorts, trousers, or even belts worn above the region of the abdomen can help achieve that look.

6. Wear A V Neck Top

Wear A V Neck Top
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The impact of a “V” cleavage on an ensemble cannot be overstated, especially for ladies with larger busts who want to seem smaller. It doesn’t have to be too deep; a subtle “V” neckline can do the trick and provide the illusion of a longer torso, helping you strike the perfect proportions.

7. Define Your Waistline

Define Your Waistline
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You can draw attention to your waist by wearing horizontal stripes or a bright belt that contrasts with your skin tone. If your physique is more rectangular, you may want to apply another illusion to make your waist look smaller. To accentuate your hips, try wearing a peplum top and a flared skirt. Wearing clothes that contrast with one another gives the impression of horizontal lines across the body. Wearing shirts or trousers with a high waist can elongate the appearance of a shorter or bigger frame. Choose garments that fall just below one’s belly button in this scenario. You may instantly elongate and add inches to your height with these.

The key to looking your best is not trying to cover flaws, but rather playing up your strengths. Make sure you feel comfortable and good in whatever you choose to wear to any occasion. So which of these hacks is your go-to when you want to look leaner? Let us know in the comments section!

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