Water Conservation: Here Are Some Small But Important Changes You Can Make To Your Life & Help Conserve Water

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If you paid attention in Science class you’d probably know that life originated from water. Without water, there would be no life as we know it so far. Our day begins with brushing our teeth and washing our face, which seemimpossible without clean water. You clean yourself, cook food, and wash your clothes and surroundings with water. Looking at it from a wider perspective, the plants that we eat and the animals that help in sustaining the food chain also need water to live. Now we know that the earth is covered with water and ice (that’s melting). However, only a minuscule portion of this is fit for the use of living organisms. The rest is all saltwater.

If you have been following the news lately, you’d know that natural calamities like flood and drought are very common in different parts of the world. We need clean, usable water rather than the dirty water that’s at our doorstep to drown us. We are to be blamed for this situation — our inability to use natural resources efficiently. Every drop of water you waste can be used by someone who is desperately in need of it. If you think about drought-struck villages and the dangerously dehydrated people struggling to live there, you wouldn’t ever waste water. You can save a tremendous amount of water by making a few lifestyle changes and efforts that you probably know about already. If you don’t let’s learn about them together, shall we?

1. Calculate Your Water Consumption

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You can calculate your water consumption by keeping a track on it manually or by using a water consumption calculator on your phone. If you know how much water you use every day, it becomes easier for you to control and reduce it.

2. Turn Off The Water Pipe While Brushing

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Most of us have this very bad habit of leaving the water pipe running while brushing. You need water to wet your brush in the beginning and then later to wash your mouth. You don’t need to water your sink because there are no seeds in there. If you can, fill a glass of water and use it separately without using the running water.

3. Don’t Throw Your Cigarette Butts Or Toilet Paper In The Commode

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Every time you throw your cigarette butt or toilet paper into the commode you waste so much of water to flush it out. You can avoid this just by using an ashtray or a dustbin. Also, every time you urinate, you don’t need the same amount of water that you use when you defecate. So, get a flush tank that has two different settings— a light flush and a heavy flush.

4. Wash Your Dishes And Clothes In Bulk

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Your dishwashers and washing machines use a lot of water. To utilize this to the maximum, wash your dishes and clothes in bulk. Also, certain washing machines give you the option of setting the water limit depending upon the level of clothes you need to get cleaned.

5. Water Your Plants Only When They Need It

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Some people water their plants even during the rainy season (yes, they exist!). If you are such a person, please don’t do it. The plants are getting enough water from the rain. Also, don’t spray the water all over your garden unless you’re watering your lawn. Use a water can or just a bucket and mug to water the roots of your plants.

6. Take Bucket Baths Or Quick Showers

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Taking baths in the tub is a luxury and if you love them, you can indulge in them once in a while. However, on a daily basis, go for the traditional bucket baths or quick showers. Also, remember to stop the shower water running when you’re applying soap or shampoo.

7. Practice Rainwater Harvesting

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Our government encourages us to practice rainwater harvesting and we’ve learned all about it at school. Then why don’t we practice it? It doesn’t take as much effort as you think and any investment you make goes a long way.

8. Reduce Your Daily Waste Production

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Reduce the amount of waste you produce every day — as a person and as a family. The mantra to do this successfully is “Reduce, reuse, and recycle.” Water is required in many factories to produce the consumer goods that we throw away after a couple of weeks’ use. If you can avoid these things or at least cut down on their number, you’ll be helping a great deal in water conservation. Also, remember that a lot of your waste gets dumped in the water bodies. If everyone reduces the amount of waste that they produce, we can save our water bodies and aquatic life.

Water is precious! If you want to know its value, try going on a “no water day challenge” and you’ll see. Also, let’s put our education and technology to use for something that’s absolutely necessary to sustain life. So, let’s take an oath to support and promote water conservation as much as we can.

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