5 Ways To Get Those Luscious And Healthy Locks That You’ve Always Dreamt Of

It all started for us when as little girls we saw those gorgeous women in commercials, swinging their smooth, extraordinarily shiny, and long hair around with all the bling and dreamy music. It was magical. But now, as adults, reality hits differently. There are so many different problems that one-solution-fits-all sounds like a distant dream. Women worldwide are trying to figure out different ways to ensure that their hair survives daily stressors like pollution, heat damage, climatic conditions, etc. And with having to cope with daily tasks and professional assignments and dealing with other real-world problems, skin and hair issues usually take a backseat. However having a lustrous, shiny mane is still a dream for many. Here are a few tips and tricks that will make your journey a little easier.

1. Listen To Your Mom And OIL IT.

Listen To Your Mom And OIL IT.


We get it. It is impossible to do the champee more than once a week. For some people, once a week also feels like a chore. Many are now trying to find or look for multiple alternatives to avoid oiling their hair. Products like gel moisturizers, hair creams, and the like are flooding the market. They soften and nourish, but nothing beats the power of good hair oil. Be it coconut, jojoba, or olive oil, it deeply penetrates and repairs hair from within. Oiling, in general, can help reduce breakage, minimize frizziness, and also aid in faster hair growth. We bet you have already heard of these benefits from your loving mom or grandma. It’s time to act upon those words and see the difference for yourself.

2. Go Beyond Just Washing & Conditioning

Go Beyond Just Washing & Conditioning


Trying times call for stronger measures, and with the increasing pollution, your hair care routine also needs something extra. We are not talking about weekly hair spas and blow-dries. Usually, the process is oiling, shampooing, conditioning, and then going about our respective routines. But we suggest that it is important to keep hydrating products handy to protect your hair from potential heat damage or outdoor pollution damage.

After a deep cleanse, the scalp needs moisture to be restored to its healthy state. Using a leave-in conditioner will protect the strands and help keep locks super soft. Hair cream, for example, is also great in locking in nourishment and also works as an excellent pre-styling product. While choosing your products, make sure that their ingredients are safe and scalp-friendly.

3. Find Your Ideal Diet For Nourished And Healthy Hair

Find Your Ideal Diet For Nourished And Healthy Hair


Believe it or not, food intake has a lot to do with your hair and skin health. Drinking loads of water may be the answer to many problems, but if you genuinely wish for nourished and healthy hair, find the right foods that will target your hair problems at the root.

You can tailor your diet to be high in vitamins, proteins, minerals, and iron. Green leafy veggies, for example, are high in iron. We suggest adding a veggie salad to your daily meals. Soybean, almonds, amla, and honey, are effective in strengthening your hair. Fruits, eggs, and fishes are also quite beneficial. Omega-3 is an important fatty acid found in fish oil. Studies show that it helps to reverse hair loss considerably.

4. Switch To A Silk Pillowcase And A Softer Towel

Switch To A Silk Pillowcase And A Softer Towel


Hair needs to be treated very gently. Handling your hair with care will contribute to achieving healthy and strong hair. Cotton pillowcases cause excessive friction in hair. Tugging through the night can cause more breakage, knots, and hair fall. Silk pillowcases, however, reduce the friction against locks due to silk’s slippery texture. Hair will be less likely to be caught and pulled. Also, post-shower, opt for a microfiber towel to dry out the hair. Microfiber towels are much softer than your regular Turkish towels. It would help if you let the fabric soak in extra moisture from your hair instead of rubbing it vigorously.

5. Prep Your Strands Before Using Heat Tools

Prep Your Strands Before Using Heat Tools


Whether you are a fan of flat irons or blow dryers, it’s no secret that heat is the key factor in styling when it comes to these tools. But that is also a huge reason why these tools can be detrimental to your hair. Regular or wrong usage can cause a lot of damage. So if you are on the lookout for something that will protect your hair before you start your styling, we suggest investing in a good heat protectant spray. Applying this forms a layer that can reduce the dullness and dryness and protect your hair from heat damage. Use a good hair serum post-styling to help you lock the style and the hydration. But remember this basic but important rule, brush your hair thoroughly before beginning to style to get rid of the knots.

Everything requires patience. Yes, even wavy and bouncy hair. It requires the right technique, amount, and time. There may be multiple ways to deal with hair issues, but sometimes, getting the basics down can help you achieve amazing results. If you have any other tips up your sleeve, let us know in the comments!

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