6 Ways To Hide Love Handles In A Tight Dress

by Shivani K

When someone is appreciating your love handles, ladies, please understand that although those protruding chunks of fat on your sides are lovely to hold, there is something unpleasant about it. These fat depositions are above your waist and on the lower back. If you wish to get rid of those rolls and tyres, you have to start following a proper diet or a workout regime. Because these love handles are stubborn.

All that being said, we, women sure do love the comfort we feel when we wear those loose fitting shift dresses, don’t we? But, at the same time, our eyes drool over those bodycon or tight-fitted dresses, right? And it so happens that the very next moment you find yourself sulking because you know that wearing them will only draw further attention to the muffin tops around your waist. Worry not! We’ve found some ways with which you can hide away your not-so-loved love handles and make you look like a dream. Make a note of these tips and go ahead, flaunt those curves the right way-

1. Drift The Focus To The Upper Areas Of Your Body


Hell yeah! The term “muffin tops” sound so cute, but only the women who have them understand the real problems of dealing with them. Women with love handles often shy away from wearing tight-fitted dresses because they aren’t aware of the trick to wear it right. Consider this, if you want to wear a bodycon dress, go ahead and just wear it. And to keep others from checking your love handles out, we’d suggest you draw their focus elsewhere like the upper part of your body. For this, you can either wear an off-shoulder dress or a dress that has a low neckline. You can even try wearing a statement necklace with your dress. This way the focus will be on your neck or shoulders and not on your love handles.

2. Choose Dark Colors


We’ve read about this in the most elite fashion magazines as well as in the blogs of renowned fashion experts. They’ve all suggested how wearing dark colors will make you look like you’ve shed a few inches of your body. Dark colored garments effectively cover creases, folds, and bumps in your body. So, the next time you decide to wear a bodycon dress, go for black. Psst… don’t share this secret with anyone.

3. Clinch Your Waist


You will be adding a bit of structure to your look by wearing a thin waist belt over your dress. When you are picking your belt, try to pick a color that falls in contrast with the color of your dress. This will create an illusion of a thinner waist making you appear slimmer. Also, note that elastic belts and tight belts are a big no as they can create folds at the waist and draw attention to your love handles.

4. Invest In The Right Shapewear


It’s true you know that even if your boyfriends or pretty shoes betray you, the shapewear will never (giggles). From helping you smoothen out your tummy flab to giving that right lift to your butt, your shapewear can never go wrong. Thigh reducers, tummy tuckers, butt shapers… these are our best options to look fabulous in a bodycon dress. So, grab one for yourself. Yes, they are slightly expensive than your panty or bra, but they last longer (unlike your boyfriends) and define your body shape much better.

5. Play With Layers


If you think trying the above options aren’t your cup of tea then consider this one. Wear your favorite bodycon dress and leave your love handles the way they are. All you have to do to look more stylish and hide the love handles like a pro is layer your dress with another piece of clothing. Nope! We’re not asking you to wear a shift dress over your bodycon one. Wear a cardigan (long-line) or a kimono-inspired cover-up over your tight-fitted dress. Cover-ups which are long-line in nature will make you look slimmer. It can also help in dressing down your bodycon dress and make it look more casual.

6. Choose The Right Dress Length


Your dress length also plays a very vital role in making you look fab or flab. Kindly note that not every dress length (mini or maxi) suits every body type. When you pick a tight-fitted dress make sure you don’t pick a really short one as it can make your thighs look large. To play safe, no matter what type your body is, opt for dresses that are knee-length or just above the knee — these suit everybody.

Make use of these tips and flaunt your body ladies! The key is if you aren’t able to shed it, then hide it the right way and create an illusion and walk free like your love handles never existed. After all, a fashionista isn’t one who has the perfect bod, she is the one who dresses right.

If there is anything you want to add to the list. Leave them in the comments below.

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