The Secret To Having Good Skin When You’re Older

by Shivani K

The thing about being you is that you never worry about getting old. It never occurs to you that those things that you take for granted today, such as your agility, your soft supple skin; these are precious resources that need to be maintained and looked after if you want them to last well into your old age.

Yes, you’re young right now. Your skin is glowing, and basking in the glory of its youth right now. But, what about when you enter into your late 30s and 40s? If you want your skin to get finer with age like a bottle of good wine, you need to take care of it right now. Turns out all the pestering that your mothers and grandmas did, asking you to apply Chandan, besan, and all such gharelu nuskhas to keep your skin glowing, it was all done for a solid reason.

To help you with the task of maintaining and looking after your skin, we’ve put together a list containing tips and tricks that will enable you to do that with minimum effort.

1. What You Eat Now Matters


The old adage of “you are what you eat” is very true. Healthy eating has always proven to make your skin glow like never before. Therefore, stock your meals with citrus fruits which are rich in vitamin C, also include dry fruits like almonds as they are a rich source of vitamin E, and healthy fats like the avocados in order to get a more balanced diet. You need to eat at least five portions of fruits every day in order to get the right nutrients (1). Also, you should drink a minimum of six glasses of water every day. And remember that crash dieting is a strict no-no as they rob our body of its natural balance of nutrients. We know the aging of skin is inevitable. But to avoid premature aging keep off processed, and junk foods and try to eat healthily.

2. Workout Is A Must


Yes, exercising right indeed nourishes the skin. How does it do that? Well, exercising regularly and keeping yourself active increases the blood flow in our body, this, in turn, nourishes our skin cells. It also tones down the collagen (2). We all agree that stress has a huge impact on the appearance of the skin. In fact, stress causes wrinkles to appear. Exercising will release your stress and will help you sleep better. All those dark circles that you couldn’t get rid of, they will slowly vanish.

3. Wear Sunscreen Every Day


This is exactly what my mother and her friends asked me to do. And they are right! Turns out that even on the cloudy days, the UV rays are still out there in the sky (3). Therefore, it’s better to stock your dressing tables with enough sunscreen lotion. Keep in mind to choose one that suits your skin the best, and also don’t forget to consider the weather of the city you’re living in. Cities that experience higher temperatures require us to choose a sunscreen with greater SPF. Make applying sunscreen a part of your daily routine.

4. Never Sleep With Makeup On


As much as makeup helps you look beautiful and hide all your flaws. You shouldn’t go to bed with makeup on. While we sleep, our growth hormones work on our skin to repair the damage that has been caused during the day because of sunlight, pollution, or free radicals etc. So if you sleep with makeup on our faces, it causes inflammation and makes our skin extremely dry and flaky (4). Therefore, always make it a point to remove your makeup and then sleep so that even your skin can sleep peacefully.

5. Wash, Exfoliate, And Moisturize


Follow these three or chant it like a mantra so that you’ll incorporate it into your daily routine. These are the three basic steps that you need to follow if you want to maintain healthy skin all your life.
Wash, because it’s one of the easiest ways to keep your skin healthy. Wash your face at least thrice a day and keep all the dirt and germs at bay.

Exfoliating your skin will ensure that your skin remains radiant, healthy even as you age. Go for a mild exfoliator and exfoliate your skin at least once a day or once in every two days. Exfoliating will unclog your skin’s pores, remove all the dead cells, and dirt from your skin.

Moisturize, because your skin needs hydration. Applying moisturizer locks in the moisture content of your skin. Moisturize your skin every day and say goodbye to dry, flaky skin.

Following these simple tips will ensure that your skin continues to glow and look amazing, even while you age. Pick an easy skincare routine and stick to it. Do you know any other secrets to keep your skin younger as you grow older?

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