5 Ways To Maintain Your Hair Color And 5 Things That Can Ruin It

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The fad for hair color never seems to fade, and we love how each season brings a new hair color trend to us. We have experimented with highlights, dip dye, full colors and under lights, and each of them changes your look for the best. Unfortunately, those new to hair coloring fear that the color might weaken their hair and cause their strands to break. The truth is, hair color does make your hair vulnerable to damage but does that mean you need to get the idea of gorgeously dyed hair out of your head? No siree! There are some dos and don’ts with colored hair care that will ensure your hair stays healthy even after being colored. Read on to know them all.

Tips To Keep Your Haircolor Intact

1. Delay First Wash After Coloring Your Hair As Much As You Can

Delay First Wash After Coloring Your Hair As Much As You Can
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You should wait for at least two days before you wash your hair after dying it. Due to the hair’s extreme fragility immediately following dyeing, over washing might cause the color to fade more quickly.

2. Use Suitable Hair Masks

Use Suitable Hair Masks
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Treating your hair before coloring can help strengthen and nourish your strands to absorb the dye well. Make sure you nurture your hair strands with wholesome masks to keep the hair silky and healthy.

3. Protect Your Hair From UV Rays

Protect Your Hair From UV Rays
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The Uv rays of the sun are your deadliest enemy because the heat will fade your hair color if you don’t take precautions. So it’s best to cover your hair in big shady hats if you have to go out in the sun with freshly colored hair.

4. Rinse Your Hair With Cool Water

Rinse Your Hair With Cool Water
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Rinsing with cold water helps maintain hair’s natural shine and vitality. However, the roots of your hair will open when you wash it with hot water, causing dryness and a loss of color. Therefore, make sure you use water of a lesser temperature than what you use to bathe for rinsing your hair.

5. Use Color-Safe Dry Shampoo On Your Hair

Use Color-Safe Dry Shampoo On Your Hair
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Try to limit how often you wash your hair. You may have noticed the color transferring to the water during the washing process. Use a dry shampoo suitable for your hair color on days when you don’t wash it.

Standard Practices That Can Ruin Your Hair

1. Not Using Conditioner

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Once you’ve finished coloring your hair, it has to be deeply conditioned immediately. The dyeing procedure causes significant moisture loss in your locks. Lack of conditioner causes hair to dry, lose color, and look dull.

2. Overusing Heating Tools

Overusing Heating Tools
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Hair dye and styling products both have a detrimental effect on your hair. To top it all, when combined, hair dye and heat styling products can damage your hair beyond repair. For example, using straighteners without heat protectants will cause your hair color to fade in no time. This is because most people set hot irons to 400 degrees, which fades the hair’s color and can even make it lighter.

3. Submerging In Chlorine Pools

Submerging In Chlorine Pools
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Since hair colors are also chemical concoctions, they would react to other chemicals, including chlorine, in swimming pools. When exposed to chlorine, your hair color may lighten and eventually disappear because of the bleaching effect of the chemical.

4. Using Products With Detergents, Salts, And Sulfates

Using Products With Detergents, Salts, And Sulfates
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Once you have colored your hair, you should only use non-chemical or natural hair products. Since these products are designed to chemically clean your hair color, using them will result in partial or complete loss of color.

5. Scrubbing Your Hair While Washing It

Scrubbing Your Hair While Washing It
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Scrubbing your hair roughly is never a good idea, and it’s worse for your hair after you’ve dyed it. You’ll damage your hair and ruin its color if you wash it harshly. Instead, use a microfiber towel to wrap your hair and let it air dry.

Hair coloring has become a popular part of styling hair, and even though natural hair colors are not as effective and long-lasting, they ensure your hair doesn’t lose its strength. Even if you use artificial colors, you need to ensure you care for your hair, so it doesn’t fray or break on its own. So, what is your favorite color when it comes to hair coloring? Let us know in the comments section!

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