9 Ways To Make Your Makeup Last When You Sweat

9 Ways To Make Your Makeup Last When You Sweat Hyderabd040-395603080 December 31, 2018

As much as I love wearing makeup, as soon as the summer approaches I end up using it less and less with every passing day. While I can sport most of my makeup with ease all year round, it seems a near-impossible task to do so in summer due to the sweat and humidity.

Since India is a tropical country, a hot and humid summer awaits us for the better part of the year. And unfortunately, that means that out of the 12 months, I have to forgo my favorite makeup for almost 4 months. Since most of the makeup products have a shelf-life of 4–12 months, by the time I get around to using them after the summer has long gone, they have already expired. Tired of this wasteful cycle, I decided to do a little bit of research into the different ways by which I could make my makeup work for me during the hot and humid months of July and August. I have compiled the result of my research into a handy list for the benefit of all you ladies out there, so here you go.

1. Primer Is The Key

Primer Is The Key Pinit


The key to making your makeup last longer is a good primer. For summers, it’s best if you use an oil-free primer under your foundation and eyeshadow. Go for any of the options that are available in the market. However, if you have sensitive skin remember to do a patch test before you buy one. A good primer will not only make your makeup last longer but it will also prevent it from creasing or looking cakey.

2. Go For Lash Extensions To Add Some Drama

Go For Lash Extensions To Add Some Drama Pinit


One of the primary makeup issues that I face in the summers is a runny mascara or smudged eyeliner. And no matter how hard you try, it’s going to happen. It’s better to opt for artificial eyelashes instead. It will enhance your look and you won’t need to add any mascara or eyeliner. Go for eyelashes with different shades of brown to get the colored mascara look, and add some drama to your look.

3. Minimalism Works Best

Minimalism Works Best Pinit


The more makeup you have on, the more difficult it is to manage it in the sweltering heat. Therefore, go for a natural look during summer-time, which requires you to put fewer products. Cream blushes and tinted lip balms are some of the products that you can use in the heat. They will endure the heat and also give you a natural glow.

4. Layer The Products

Layer The Products Pinit


Another trick to make your makeup last longer is layering it. Don’t worry! I am not going back on my word and asking you to use a lot of products. All you have to do is top off any cream-based products (such as foundation) with corresponding powder form products. If you top off your cream blush with the powdered one it will ensure that it doesn’t look patchy. And even if a layer gets removed, the other one is in place.

5. Stains Are Good

Stains Are Good Pinit


No, we are not parroting the popular ad, we are talking about the popular lip and cheek stains. In terms of staying power, few products can be compared to these long-lasting products. So if you are just looking to add some color to your getup, look no further than these.

6. Always Remember To Add The Powder

Always Remember To Add The Powder Pinit


Just as you need that talcum powder to get some relief in prickly heat, you need the setting powder to make your makeup last through a long, hot day. A good setting powder will make sure that no amount of moisture or humidity wrecks your perfect look.

7. Setting Sprays Are Your Best Bet In The Heat

Setting Sprays Are Your Best Bet In The Heat Pinit


Setting sprays are those products whose sole function is to ensure that your makeup lasts as long as it needs to. If you plan to don a fancy evening look or just want to go a little heavy with the makeup during summer, use this to finish it off.

8. Waterproof Is The Way To Go

Waterproof Is The Way To Go Pinit


The most obvious trick to combat humidity and sweat is of course to use waterproof products. In case, you can’t find a waterproof alternative to any of the products then you can use your usual ones and then top it off with a waterproof setting spray.

9. Blotting Tissues Are Your Makeup’s Best Friend

Blotting Tissues Are Your Makeup’s Best Friend Pinit


Using blotting papers will ensure that your makeup stays dry on the go. You can use it every time you touch up. This is after you have already used powder to set your makeup. You can’t go on putting more setting powder to soak up the makeup since it can make your skin look all caked up. Therefore, it’s better to blot away excess moisture using the blotting tissues.

These are the tricks that you need to look fierce and flawless in the sun. Don’t let a little heat cramp your style; use these tricks to flaunt your flawless look. If you know of any other tricks, do let us know in the comments.