11 Ways to Ring New Year Celebration At Home

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What is your favorite thing about New Year? Be it charting out resolutions, back counting till the ball drops, or enjoying homemade meals with family; celebrating the New Year is always special. Now that we have accepted quarantine as a part of our lifestyle, every celebration has changed its usual course. But that does not mean you have to sacrifice your enjoyment for anything. If you are still struggling to find the perfect idea for your New Year party, we got plenty! Go through these unique party ideas, and you will know what you need for a memorable start for the New Year.

1. A Trip To The Town

A Trip To The Town
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Just because we have to maintain social distancing does not mean you have to be all locked up. We have the perfect plan to keep you safe while you enjoy a perfect night out. For starters, you need to select the place and make reservations way ahead of time. Be it a restaurant, bar, or club; you have to make sure the place won’t be crowded and follow the social distancing norms. Choose the nearest destination from your home and arrange for a cab or car much before the event.

2. Movie Marathon

Movie Marathon
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There is a difference between binge-watching on your own and binge-watching with your favorite people. Everything is more exciting when there is a celebration going on! Make sure you take a poll of all the movies you want to watch and create a beautiful ambiance with lights (preferably on the terrace). You can also arrange a potluck and have all your favorite snacks to munch while you welcome the New Year.

3. Redesign The Living Space

Redesign The Living Space
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We understand people come to your home to celebrate all year round, but one way you can make it look different is by revamping your drawing-room. You will be surprised to know how different your home looks with the slightest displacement of furniture. Also, the holiday decoration adds to making your interior look really pretty!

4. Send Letters To Your Folks

Send Letters To Your Folks
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We understand it’s the era of messages and emails, but imagine the excitement when you receive a handwritten letter from a dear one. You can write individual letters to all the people close to you and decorate the letters with beautiful cards. Once you write and receive them all, you will have something really memorable to decorate in your yearbook!

5. Chart Your Resolutions

Chart Your Resolutions
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There is no better time than New Year to chart your resolutions. If you feel disheartened that they won’t last, we have a trick to make them work. For starters, make them realistic and to the point. If you want to be healthy, make a timetable that will help you log your everyday workout and meals. By doing so, you can keep a check on your own improvements.

6. Take A Trip

Take A Trip
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New Year is also an excellent time to treat yourself to a trip. All you need to do is select a place you always wanted to go, pack your backpack and head out. You can also make a vlog or note your experience and add the pictures in a slam book.

7. Time For Your Favorite Games

Time For Your Favorite Games
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If you have guests invited to your house, you can always arrange for board games. The most entertaining ones are ludo, snake and ladder, and Jenga. If you can’t arrange for these, the age-old games like antakshari and damsharas will also keep your bunch entertained.

8. A Good Book

A Good Book
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This is perfect for people who enjoy being home alone. Just imagine decorating your home with lights just right to start your favorite book. You can also make small goals of completing a book in a week and writing your experience in your journal.

9. Start A Project

Start A Project
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What could be a better day to start a project than the New Year! The best part is, it could be anything, from reading a book to making a painting, all you need to do is plan it ahead and start off with the first day of the year itself.

10. Make A Wish

Make A Wish
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Sometimes all you need to do is bring a New Year cake and make a wish. To make it more special, you can always bake the cake yourself and document it to preserve the memory forever.

11. Visit A Charity Home

Visit A Charity Home
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If you have never visited a charity home before, we suggest you try it this year itself. You will be surprised at how enjoyable it can be to share happiness with children. If you have time to arrange, how about dressing up as a Santa and gifting sweets to the little ones.

So now that you know how to make your New Year extra special, what are we waiting for! Make sure you make appointments and send the gifts and letters early, so they reach the people before the year ends. So, do you have a unique idea in mind? Let us know in the comments below.

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