5 Natural Ways To Unclog Different Types Of Skin Pores

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Beauty, it is said, is skin deep. Healthy skin, however, is a completely different story altogether. Knowing our skin type and taking necessary precautions and actions to take care of our skin may seem trivial to some. But we must remember that our skin is a reflection of our inner health. So, maintaining healthy skin is as essential as taking care of your health.

For healthy skin, apart from eating right and using the right moisturizer or the right astringent, we also need to be aware of the hazards of harmful chemicals in the skincare products we use as well. But if we have the option of natural and easy solutions, why even consider cosmetics?

So, here are five natural and easy remedies to get rid of various skin pore problems!

1. Large Pores

Large Pores
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The simplest way to reduce large and gaping pores is to perform an ice cube treatment. Use mineral water to make the ice cubes and gently massage affected areas with those cubes every morning and evening.

Clay masks also help in reducing the size of the pores. Clay absorbs skin impurities, treats bacterial infections, and is a good detoxifying agent. Take 1 tablespoon of clay mixed with warm water to make a thick paste and apply this on your face. After about 10-15 minutes, once it has dried, wash it off with clean water. This can be done every 3 days for best results.

One egg white and 2 teaspoons of lemon juice whisked together also give a simple and amazing mask that can reduce one’s pore size. Apply this thin mask and let it dry completely on your face. Once dry, wash it off with clean water.

2. Long And Distorted Pores Due To Skin Aging

Long And Distorted Pores Due To Skin Aging
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With age, our skin starts sagging. And with sagging, visibly contorted pores form on our face. However, simple masks made out of things available in the kitchen are enough to firm up our facial skin!

Simply take 1 teaspoon of aloe vera and one egg white, and blend them together to make a mask. Alternatively, use 2 tablespoons of potato starch mixed finely with a puree made of half an apple – this makes an effective mask that reduces freckles as well.

Another simple recipe for a mask that gives you smooth and pore-free skin involved 2 tablespoons of oatmeal blended with an egg white. Again, gently apply this on your face and leave it until it dries, then rinse it off.

3. Pores Caused By Blackheads

Pores Caused By Blackheads
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Blackheads can be quite a nuisance. They fill the pores on our face and clog them, making it difficult for our skin to breathe. While ice cubes help in reducing the pores, here are some homemade recipes to take care of the blackheads and bring back the glow on your skin!

  • 1 tablespoon of powdered cinnamon mixed with 3 tablespoons of honey make a fine mask. When you massage this on your skin, the cinnamon powder gently removes dead skin and impurities.
  • A mask made of milk and gelatin is another marvelous way to reduce blackheads. So, put an equal measure of gelatin and milk in a double boiler and heat until the gelatin melts. Use a brush to apply this mix on your face, wait until it dries and apply the second layer and then the third. Once the third layer has dried, peel the mask off gently. While you peel the mask, the blackheads will also come off gradually. Use a moisturizer that suits your skin after you peel off the mask.
  • Yogurt, lemon, honey, and salt. These four ingredients can also work wonders! You need to first mix 1 teaspoon of salt in 4 tablespoons of yogurt, and then add 1 teaspoon of lemon, followed by 1 tablespoon of honey. Mix these together to get a fine blend. Apply this on your face and leave it for about 5–10 minutes before rinsing with warm water.

4. Pores Caused By Whiteheads

Pores Caused By Whiteheads
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Whiteheads can be painful and can lead to infections if squeezed. The most effective remedy in the case of appearance of whiteheads is to carefully apply salicylic acid on the whitehead, so that the acid does not touch the rest of the skin. We recommend salicylic acid because it kills bacteria that might have come in contact with the skin surface.

Another effective solution is to apply tea tree oil on your face after a good bath. Just dab some cotton with tea tree oil and apply it on the whitehead region.

5. Pores Caused By Acne

Pores Caused By Acne
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Acne is best treated when left alone. Touching or fiddling with it only aggravates the pores and reddens the area even more.

Regular steam baths are the best solutions for pores produced by acne. Besides steam baths, marigold and chamomile tea when applied to the affected area, acts as a good anti-inflammatory solution.

Herbal solutions also act as an anti-inflammatory remedy. Birch tree leaves and dandelion roots are effective herbs that help treat acne. However, if your acne is severe, it is best to visit your dermatologist.

Hope these simple solutions helped you! Do write to us with your feedback and experience.

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