5 Ways To Wake Up Faster

By StyleCraze

Last minute getting ready, the mad rush to not miss the office cab, the running around at the last minute, so you leave for work before traffic happens ­ if you are familiar with these scenarios, then like me, you too wake up like every morning were Christmas. Right? Well, here is how to eliminate these issues from your life with a whoosh of a wand – by waking up faster.

1. Distance That Alarm Out

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2. Sniff Some Lemons

No, we aren’t kidding. So stop giggling and pay attention. Smelling or inhaling citrus fruits like a lemon or an orange as soon as you wake up gives you a morning boost by kick-starting a beta wave production. This, in turn, increases your alertness and boosts your energy levels. By a cool 50 percent! This is where you thank us for the enlightenment.

3. Ice For A Brain Freeze

Yes, we are beginning to sound macabre, but hey, do you want to wake up faster or not? Use ice cold water. Or just dip spoons into a bucket of ice and put them on your face. The cold shocks your brain and forces it to wake up. Alternately, getting under the shower helps too!

4. Pull Your Hair

Yes, do that. Slowly and gently, though, as this gets the blood flowing into your head and refreshes you, making you awake and alert instantly. Anyway, better do it once as soon as you wake up than doing it all day in desperation, right?

5. Shine Some Sun In

Exposure to sunlight in the morning reduces the levels of the sleep hormone melatonin. So, waking up to sunlight instead of a pitch dark room makes you fresh and alert. If you are one of those rich fancy pants, then you could splurge on light systems that pretend to be the sun and “rise” on cue every morning. Whatever works for you, we aren’t judging!
If waking up faster and, dare we say, on time is still a challenge for you, then maybe shove that smartphone into some dark corner of the room before you go to sleep. And yes, sleep. In time, that is. You can wake up fresh only when you have had rested well. No rocket science there, don’t you think?

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