8 Ways Your Body Tells You You’re Super Fertile!

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After all those years spent endeavoring not to get pregnant, you may believe that all you need is one night with no protection – and voilà! You’re pregnant!

But life ain’t always so easy. Unless, of course, you show the signs of possessing super fertility. Then, the process is a cakewalk. Well, not exactly, unless you have a cake fetish, then –

I digress.

Your next question may very well be – how do I know if I’m super fertile? Well, women can have varying levels of fertility when compared to each other. Every woman is different. The key to understanding what your body has to say is to simply listen. I know, mind-blowing. So, read on to discover what signs to look out for when monitoring yourself in order to determine your fertility in the old fashioned, fertility-test-free way! Here are eight signs your body shall reveal if you’re brimming with fertility:

1. Your Period Is Like Clockwork

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Your period is very predictable. In fact, you have trouble empathizing with friends who complain about their periods taking them by surprise because, hello, don’t they always arrive when they’re supposed to? Yeah, you’re above surprise period agony for sure.

Presuming you aren’t taking any birth control, if your menstrual cycle is consistently 25-35 days, then lady, you’re fertile (1). According to ob-gyn Dr. Wendy Change, “This reliable pattern usually means a woman is ovulating every month.” A longer menstrual cycle can also signify having a “strong ovarian reserve” (read: think eggs. Like, a lot.)

2. It’s Clear Discharge Galore Down There

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Halfway through the menstrual cycle is when a woman is most fertile. This is when you will notice abundant amounts of notably odorless and clear vaginal discharge (2). This is basically a way for your fertile body to facilitate the transport of sperm through your cervix right before you conceive.

“Women who notice lots of clear mucous discharge likely enjoy good estrogen production and cervical gland function,” states Dr. Chang. When it comes to baby making, it’s only good things down there!

3. Your Bleeding Is Perfectly Average

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And girl, trust us, for the first time, being average is good. It’s a universally acknowledged truth that every woman’s period differs in regards to duration and amount of bleeding. Some women encounter regular heavy flow for just a few days, while others can experience consistent light droplets for close to a week. What we’re trying to say is that periods come in all shapes and sizes.

However, in order to get pregnant, you need a sufficiently lush and thick uterine lining. This means, no heavy bleeding or clotting, for they will drain your uterus (not in a good way) and inhibit it from preparing for implantation. If you’re aiming to get pregnant, your flow needs to be average.

4. You Can Influence Other Women’s Periods

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You’re basically a wizard. Super fertile women come with super powers – you can magically sync other women’s cycles with you! The technical term for this is ‘menstrual synchrony,’ which basically means strong pheromones emitted by some women can affect the cycles of the women they often hang around with (3). And emitting strong pheromones is also a sign of…? You guessed it! Super fertility.

(What did you think? Harry Potter? Magic? Tsk tsk!)

5. Your Breasts Are Well-Formed

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Your hormone levels can significantly influence the size and shape of your breasts. So, if you’re a lady with particularly well-developed breasts, then your hormones are working just fine. Which also presents us with the diagnosis – you’re super fertile! However, it’s important to mention here – if someone’s on the smaller side of the breast scale, that isn’t equivalent to them being unable to have children.

6. Severe Pelvic Pain? Not You, Girl

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While PMS and menstrual cramps may be a good sign (in terms of fertility, not pain, of course! Please don’t kill us). Experiencing pelvic pain that is severe could be a bad sign with regards to fertility. According to Dr. Chang, “Sometimes severe menstrual or pelvic pain can represent endometriosis, ovarian cysts, infection, or other disorder that can impact the ovaries and fallopian tubes,” and therefore also your baby-making abilities.

7. Despite Birth Control, You’ve Gotten Pregnant Before

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If in spite of using birth control measures like pills or an IUD, you’ve gotten pregnant before, then this is a very strong indicator of being super fertile. FYI, typically oral contraceptives are only 91% effective, so it isn’t entirely impossible to conceive while on birth control.

8. Your Medical History Is Squeaky Clean

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If you’ve successfully been on top of all UTIs, and even possible STIs treatments, your chances of super fertility are greater. If after becoming sexually active, you’ve been unswervingly getting check-ups done by your gynecologist, then your fallopian tubes and cervix – essential in regards to conceiving – are probably in excellent shape.

While it’s rather fun guessing how easy (or not so easy) it may be for you to conceive, it is also important for you to remember that a woman shouldn’t be labeled as ‘fertile’ unless she’s already had a child. Hence, please allow that to be your ultimate and only indicator!

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