8 Ways Your Husband Will Change Once You Have Kids

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Giving birth to a child brings about a lot of changes in women as they prepare to embrace motherhood. However, women, you are not the only one who is changing – you will be surprised to know how much your husband will change once you have kids. Not only will he be by your side throughout your pregnancy, satisfying your random and sometimes unrealistic demands, but he will also strive to create a balance between being a loving husband and a caring father. Below are 8 ways in which your husband will change once you have kids. Read on to find out how men embrace fatherhood.

1. He Will Become More Soft-Hearted

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As time passes, you will begin to notice how your husband is slowly transitioning from being a serious and responsible person into someone who simply loves spending time with your child. Boys love playing games even when they grow up. A child in the house is simply a new toy for them – a being they love more than themselves. They will try their best in making themselves look stupid and funny as long as they are able to bring a smile on the baby’s face.

2. Your Husband Will Still Appreciate Your Body, Even Post-Pregnancy

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A lot of women feel that they lose their sexiness once they become pregnant and give birth to a child. However, you will be shocked by how much your husband still wants you! In fact, some men start to grow even more affectionate towards their wife post-pregnancy. How else do you think couples have multiple children!

3. Men Undergo Hormonal Changes As Well

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Believe it or not, women are not the only ones that undergo hormonal changes after giving birth. As men become fathers, their bodies reduce the production of testosterone and increase the production of hormones such as estrogen and oxytocin, the love hormone.

4. He Will Have The Urge To Breastfeed As Well

Only women are able to breastfeed their child, which allows them to share a special bond with them. Sometimes, husbands can get jealous of the fact that they are unable to share such a special bond with their child as well. You might notice your husband giving you glances of envy while you breastfeed your baby!

5. He Will Be A Part Of A Group Of Friends That Are All New Fathers

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Being a new father means that he will start to look for people who are experiencing the same thing. These men will all have something common to bond over and share their experiences with each other. You shouldn’t be too worried though as they will try their best to be the “No. 1 Dad” in the group, which means that you will find him helping out more with the child and other household chores.

6. He Will Be Spending More Time With You And The Baby

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Another benefit of having a baby is that your husband will want to spend as much time as possible caring for you and the child. This means that he will be willing to sacrifice meeting with friends just to get home as soon as possible in order to be with you and the baby.

7. He Will Be Willing To Make A Lot Of Sacrifices

Becoming a father causes men to become a lot more responsible. They suddenly realize that they are now responsible for taking care of a mother and child. You will notice that your husband will be working harder for longer hours in order for you and your child to be able to live a comfortable and carefree life. You shouldn’t worry that you might be losing the man you fell in love with since they will only be serious during work. Once they return home, they will want to relax and have a good time with you and the baby, which means that they will resume their funny and cheerful nature.

8. He Will Try His Best To Be The World’s Best Dad

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As mentioned previously, becoming a father changes a man’s outlook on life. They start to feel more responsible and are willing to change themselves in order to be a better husband and father. You will start to notice a lot of significant changes in your husband once you two become parents. Both of you will mature and share a stronger bond than ever before.

Once a child becomes part of a couple’s life, both the husband and wife undergo several changes for the better. You are bound to appreciate the inevitable maturity and responsibility your husband will gain once he becomes a father.

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