4 Habits That Can Cause Weight Gain Before Your Wedding

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Marriage — it’s one of the biggest days of your life and you’ve probably been dreaming about it since you were a kid. Every girl wonders about her big bride day — how things are going to be like, how she would dress up and how happy everyone will be. But, the truth is that weddings demand a lot of hard work. All the organizing and supervising will take a toll on your mind and body during these times. Throw in a little anxiety and nervousness, you’re good to go into a frenzy mode. And once you get into it, you have no control over your diet as well as exercise regimes, leading you to an undesired weight gain right before your wedding.

If you are a bride-to-be, it’s important to keep your meals and physical activities on track, so that you don’t gain weight before the big moment. You don’t want to loosen your wedding dress after you got it perfectly made, right? To help you out, we’ve got you a list of 4 poor habits that are the prime culprits in putting on the undesired “wedding weight” before the big day. Let’s hop in!

1. Forgetting Your Meals

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Yes, we understand that you have a lot of things going on in your mind right now. You have to call the caterers, check with the wedding hall people, and then you realize that you haven’t finalized the food menu! Girl, it may sound crazy, but you need to give yourself a break, because in all this hustle there are chances that you aren’t eating your meals on time or you’re completely skipping them. Now, this is not healthy at all. Skipping your meals or not eating them on time will possibly make you gain weight (1).

There are many people who skip their meals to lose weight. Let us tell you this. It is not going to end well. Instead, you’re probably going to gain a few kilos and look exhausted. The concept is simple. If your body doesn’t get enough nutrients on time, you won’t look healthy on your wedding day. This is the time you need to have as much energy as you could have. So never skip a meal. If you feel that you tend to lose track of time, set timers on your phone. Also, entrust your family members or friends with the task of reminding you to eat on time.

2. Eating Too Much

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Let’s agree that one of the best things about weddings is the mouthwatering food. If you are an Indian bride, you’re going to be bombarded with sweets and savories of all kinds. Sometimes months ahead of your wedding. It’s not just the wedding day— the sagai, haldi, mehendi, all the poojas, and other rituals are going to be “sweet” fests. And being the bride, your mouth is definitely going to be stuffed with laddus and pedas most of the time.

So, make a conscious effort to eat healthy during these days. Try to cut down on sweets and oily dinner dishes. Instead, work to include juices and salads in your diet. We know that this might be really difficult with all the yummy aroma around. But, if you want to keep your weight under control, you’ve got to control your cravings!

3. Lack Of Sleep

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The pressure of being the bride can be really overwhelming. There’s a part of you that is very happy about the things that have been going around. But, there’s also a part of you that wishes for all this to be over just so that you can sleep well again. Weddings are more like family re-unions most of the time. You have your cousins, uncles, and aunts at home. You might even have your best friends with you for the final days before your wedding. This means unlimited fun and chats throughout the night.

But all that doesn’t mean that you get to wake up late in the afternoon. No matter how late you sleep, you still need to wake up early to meet the guests and manage the wedding-related tasks. Yes, it’s hard to get decent sleep amid all this. But, you must get enough sleep and that too on time because lack of sleep might make you gain weight. Your body repairs itself while you’re at sleep and this rest slot is imperative for your metabolism. Also, lack of sleep can affect your skin (2)!

4. Lack Of Exercise

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The only exercise you’ll be getting these days is running from pole to pillar. Most brides don’t go out a lot because they don’t really want to get tanned before the wedding. Also, they’re always expected to be at home to meet the guests who visit the bride-to-be. This again is a fat gainer because you aren’t burning out what you ate.

Try going for walks early in the morning or late in the evening, because exercising is definitely a must.

Now that you know what habits will make you gain weight before your wedding day, keep a close eye on them. However, even if you gain a few kilos, it’s okay, because you can lose them after your wedding. This is really important because you shouldn’t restrict yourself too much that you forget to enjoy the most beautiful days of your life. Did you gain weight during your wedding time? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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