5 Surprising Weight Loss Tips That Are Actually Doable

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Weight loss isn’t exactly rocket science, though the internet does do a good job of making it seem like one! From no-carb, no-sugar, no-fat, and (for crying out loud!) no-food diets to unrealistic workout plans that have you training like an Olympic athlete, there’s plenty of “sage” weight loss advice flooding our social media feeds every day. And most of it makes you want to find Peter Pan and make a quick escape to Neverland!

If only weight loss didn’t have to seem like such an all-encompassing life plan, right? Well, today is your lucky day, folks! Weight loss is pretty simple, and we’ve got the most effective tips that will ensure you lose weight in a healthy way that will allow you to keep it away. Intrigued? Then read on to discover our 5 best doable weight loss tips!

1. Steer Clear From Detox Diets

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Detox diets can throw your body’s internal balance for a toss and just wreak plain havoc. Be it 30-day “magical” colon cleanses or 7-day “delicious” detoxifying juice fasts, most of these so-called diet plans are actually dangerously unhealthy. And though you may lose some weight during these unrealistic plans, you will also gain back the weight as quickly, which, FYI, will become even more stubborn to get rid of. Hence, it’s best to stick to healthy, wholesome, and balanced meals every day instead.

2. Commit To At Least One Healthy Meal Every Day

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When people commence their weight loss journeys, most of them often make the common mistake of wanting to do just about everything at once. While this may work for some disciplined souls, it’s not always that successful for everyone else. And this can lead to dissatisfaction with one’s progress, which may lead to discouraging thoughts of abandoning one’s fitness regime.

So, instead of making unrealistic demands of your body, simply start with one small change. Ask yourself one question: Which meal will give me the best results if I happened to change it? Once you have your answer, you know just where to start!

Usually, breakfast is the easiest meal to restructure, as most people either skip it or munch on something dreadfully unhealthy since they’re pressed for time. All you require to do is prep in advance and ensure you’re getting a proper balance of proteins, carbs, and fat. An ideal breakfast would be a few whole eggs (for protein and fat requirements) and a piece of fresh fruit (for carbs).

3. Don’t Make Any Food “Forbidden”

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Our brain is simple. The more something is off-limits to us, the more we crave it! When we blacklist food items, we tend to ponder upon them more, obsessing and thereby, increasing our yearning for the forbidden fruit. And if, by chance, we do happen to guilty take a bite, most of us enter the “Chuck this! I’ve already had a bite so I might as well” bandwagon, and soon we find ourselves guzzling down much more than we’d eat regularly.

Hence, instead of playing these tortuous mind games, cultivate a healthy relationship with food. Enjoy the treats you like when you truly want them, rather than when they just happen to be there.

4. If You’re Starting (Or Returning) To Exercise, Take It Easy

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This is simple. If you’ve just started going to the gym, or happen to be returning after quite a break, we get it. You’re full of enthusiasm and are bursting with energy you’d like to burn. And that’s awesome. However, still, avoid doing extreme workouts from the get-go. Additionally, don’t set unrealistic schedules for yourself, such as promising to work out 5 times a week. Instead, start small. Tell yourself you’ll visit the gym at least twice per week, and as your body adapts to your workouts, increase the intensity or frequency of your workouts.

5. Eating Out Should Be For Special Occasions

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Now, we get it. Cooking at home can be tough. You’re exhausted and cleaning dishes is simply a torture. But still, you can’t escape the truth – eating home-cooked meals is good for your body. When you cook meals at home, you’re in control of the freshness of the ingredients and the amount of calories you consume. Eating out, in comparison, leads to the consumption of less nutritious and much higher calorie meals than you’d imagine.

Hence, if you’re a lazy cook, try mastering one-pot meals and batch meal prepping. This way you can put together healthy and delicious meals with ease, which, trust us, you’ll actually look forward coming home to!

We hate to reiterate, but we’ve just got to say it – weight loss isn’t rocket science. It isn’t meant to be an arduous journey where you constantly torture your body and your brain. As long as you follow the simple tips listed above, you too can shed those pounds in a healthy way. So, stay strong!

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