Doctors Share A Belly Map That Reveals What Can Make Your Stomach Hurt

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We all have experienced stomach cramps at one point of time or another. Stomach cramps or abdominal pain is of many types. All the different types have different points of origin (1).

There are the period cramps, then there are the ones that are caused by gas, or the ones that are a result of too much exercise. Even stress can be a reason for abdominal pain.

In order to treat it properly, it’s very important to identify what type of pain it is. Only then it can be treated effectively. To help you do that, we did some research online and came across a belly map that can help you in identifying the reason for your stomach cramp. Read on to find out more.

1. The Right Part Of Upper Abdomen

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This area of the stomach is home to the gallbladder and the liver, and if you experience pain in this area, then it will be due to the issues related to these organs.

  • If you are experiencing sudden, excruciating pain that originates here and then radiates towards your right shoulder, and it begins after you’ve had a heavy meal, it could probably be gallstones.
  • Sharp pains or dull cramps that originate here and spread to your right shoulder and last for long periods can be an indication of cholecystitis, or it can even be an inflammation of the gallbladder (2).
  • A dull pain that originates here, and often comes and goes is an indication of hepatitis (3).

2. The Middle Part Of Upper Abdomen

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This area is home to the duodenum, the first part of the small intestine, and it also contains a large portion of the pancreas.

  • If you often experience pain that originates here and travels in waves towards your back and intensifies when you consume fatty foods, it can be pancreatitis (4).
  • If you experience a burning sensation in your chest, coupled with other signs like coughing, an acidic taste in your mouth, gas, nausea, and bloating, it is usually a sign of heartburn (5).
  • In case you experience pain in the middle of the night or between having your meals, and it improves upon eating, it could signal the presence of ulcers in your duodenum (6).

3. The Left Part Of Upper Abdomen

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The majority of the stomach is concentrated in this portion of the belly. Therefore, any issues that originate here have to do with the stomach.
  • Constant niggling pain along with vomiting can be a symptom of gastritis or inflammation of the stomach (7).

4. The Right And Left Part Of Abdomen

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Even though these areas contain the kidneys, sometimes the pain originating in these areas has to do with the issues of the large intestine.
  • Pain that originates here and diverges towards the back, coupled with fever, loose motions, and nausea can be a sign of an infection in the kidney (8).
  • Intense pain in the lower abdomen that comes and goes can be an indication of kidney stones. Other symptoms include nausea, fever, frequent urination, and the presence of blood in the urine (9).

5. The Middle Part Of Abdomen

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Any discomfort experienced in this part of the stomach has to do with problems of the large, and small intestine.
  • Pain in the abdomen along with severe loose motions, fever, and weight loss can be a symptom of inflammatory bowel disease (10).
  • If you experience pain along with nausea and have difficulty in passing stool, it may be an early sign of an obstruction in the small intestine (11).
  • If you observe a swelling or a bulge near the navel that is painful, it can be a symptom of umbilical hernia (12).

6. The Right Part Of Lower Abdomen

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This part of the belly has the appendix; an organ that supports the immune system and stores good bacteria, and promotes digestion.
  • Severe pain accompanied by fever, loss of appetite and nausea are some of the most common symptoms of appendicitis. This condition requires immediate medical intervention (13).

7. The Middle Part Of Lower Abdomen

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This part of the abdomen contains the bladder and the reproductive organs.
  • Cramps in this area, along with a burning sensation while urinating and discoloration of the urine, are symptoms of a bladder infection (14).
  • If you experience sharp and sudden pain in your pelvis, it can also be taken as a symptom for issues in the reproductive organs (15).

8. The Left Part Of Lower Abdomen

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  • This part of the belly contains a huge portion of the large intestine, if you experience pain in this area, then there might be an issue with your large intestine.
  • Cramping in this part of the belly along with bloating and gas can point towards the presence of irritable bowel syndrome (16).

We hope you can use this information to be more cautious about your health. However, please remember that this article was written only from an informational point of view, so kindly consult your doctor before subscribing to any form of treatment. If you have some more information regarding these disorders, please share them with us in the comments.

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