What Causes Dark Circles And How To Treat It

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Yes, we know you did not ask for dark circles and spacious under-eye bags, but now that the raccoon in your backyard looks more like you, you need to stop and do something about your eyes. While for some, dark circles are temporary and the result of a sudden stressful event, for others, it may be more of a permanent change. Here in this article, we will discuss some causes that lead to dark circles and how to treat them. Read on!

1. Fatigue



Dark circles might appear due to insomnia, weariness, or irregular sleep cycles. The lack of sleep may make your skin seem tired and pale. Darker structures like blood vessels and tissues beneath the skin may become more visible. Having fluid accumulate beneath your eyes can make you appear tired and worn out. Even the shadows under your eyes result from your eyelids being too swollen to lie flat.

2. Aging



The aging process is another prevalent cause of under-eye bags. Thinner skin is a natural consequence of advancing years. Reduced levels of fat and collagen make your under-eye circles look even more profound (1).

3. Eyestrain



You might not realize it now but you are putting pressure on your eyes by staring at the screen for long periods. The blood vessels in your eyelids may dilate as a result of this stress, and this will reflect in darker-colored eyelids.

4. Allergies



Under-eye darkness can be brought on by allergies or dry eyes. Histamines are released by the body as an allergic reaction to help fight off whatever is causing the reaction (2). This results in unpleasant side effects including itching, redness, and swollen eyes.

5. Dehydration



Under-eye circles are a sign of dehydration too. If your eyelids look darker and the sockets look deep-seated, it’s time to fill up on healthy refreshing fluids.

6. Exposure To UV Rays

Exposure To UV Rays


Excess production of melanin, the chemical pigment responsible for skin color, can occur after prolonged sun exposure (3). In addition, sun exposure, especially around the eyes, can deepen the existing pigmentation in the skin.

7. Genetics



The hereditary factor in getting puffy eyes is significant. It may be a family trait that shows up right away in a kid. The under-eye darkness may fade or deepen with time. Under-eye bags can also be a symptom of various underlying health problems, such as thyroid (4).

8. Anemia



When the body does not have enough healthy red blood cells , anemia can develop. The symptoms may make you feel mild to severe dizziness, lightheadedness, shortness of breath, and fatigue. Paler-than-usual skin tone and the appearance of dark bags around the eyes are two additional symptoms of anemia (5).

Here are a few ways to manage your dark circles and diminish them naturally.

1. Dietary Modifications

Dietary Modifications


There are various ways to increase the iron stores in your body, including iron supplements and infusions. In addition, iron-rich foods like spinach, meat, and fish can naturally help you fight dark circles naturally..

2. Cold Compress

Cold Compress


If you have puffy eyes or dark circles, a cold compress may help decrease swelling and constrict dilated blood vessels.

3. Extra Hours Of Rest

Extra Hours Of Rest


Getting more hours of sleep might also help with the dark circles and under eye bags. Lack of sleep may make your complexion pale, drawing extra attention to your under-eye circles.

4. Elevate Your Head

Elevate Your Head


Dark circles under your eyes can also result from your sleeping position. Use a couple of pillows to prop your head up. This may prevent the accumulation of fluid that contributes to a tired, puffy appearance beneath the eyes.

5. Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated


Strive to increase your water intake. Milk, tea, and fruit juices are some more examples of good hydrating drinks. In addition, you may increase the amount of water you take in by eating fruits and vegetables.

6. Soak Tea Bags

Soak Tea Bags


Caffeine and antioxidants in tea have been shown to improve blood circulation, constrict blood vessels, and lessen fluid retention under the skin (6).

7. Use Under Eye Creams

Use Under Eye Creams


Many different kinds of eye lotions and creams are available nowadays. Since they hydrate and smooth the skin surrounding your eyes, they may help conceal the appearance of dark circles.

Even though dark circles may not worry you as needing immediate medical attention, they may be a sign of an underlying health problem if these above remedies do not relieve you. Make sure you make an appointment with your doctor if they are persistent and dont leave you even with rest and a good diet.

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