You Should Know What Banana Color Is Best For Your Health

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An apple a day certainly keeps your doctor away. But what if we tell you that a banana a day not only keeps your doctor away, but also aids in weight loss, takes care of your bowel movement, and keeps your skin shiny and glowing? Wouldn’t that make banana your new best friend?

We all love bananas; most of us for its sweet taste and truckloads of health benefits. Bananas are a popular choice worldwide as a staple food crop in the tropical as well as subtropical countries. It is widely consumed because of its availability as well as affordability.

But have you ever given it a thought that every shade of banana actually benefits your body differently? Yes, exactly! Isn’t it interesting that the stale-looking bunch of bananas you bought last week are actually a storehouse of nutrients? And you were just planning to throw them away! Tsk tsk.

We are here to tell you something that will change the way you look at bananas. The color quotient of bananas is something not everyone knows about. We are going to discuss the various hues of the fruit and how it affects your body differently. You can see for yourself, then pick what color is the most beneficial for you!

1. Green Bananas

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Green Bananas or the unripe bananas are consumed in multiple ways in different parts of the world. They are mostly consumed for their medicinal properties. Their low sugar content makes it ideal for people suffering from diabetes.

Basically, green bananas have a low glycemic index as compared to ripe ones. GI (read: the glycemic index) indicates how some food items are responsible for raising blood sugar levels more than others. A lower GI means that the food item is healthier than the one with a higher GI. Hence, green bananas (which have a GI of 30) are a lot healthier than yellow bananas (which have a GI of 60-62). Additionally, consuming this hue of bananas also helps in preventing heart disease.

In short, green bananas keep your heart healthy and serve as a boon for diabetic patients!

2. Yellow Bananas

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They are the most appealing and commonly consumed bananas due to their vibrant hue that attracts everyone. Yellow bananas are rich in fiber, potassium, antioxidants, and vitamins like B6 and C.

Also, here’s some good news for everyone who spends a bomb on skincare products: Yellow bananas are rich in a fiber called pectin, which gives the fruit its structural form and also helps in making our skin plump (1). So, ladies and gentlemen, stock up on this sweet fruit instead of expensive ointments and creams!

3. Spotted Banana

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Spotted bananas are a storehouse of antioxidants, just like brown bananas. They make excellent antacids and can replace your pills to avoid heartburn and indigestion. The results can be seen instantly, which make it an easy alternative for pharmaceutical medicines. Additionally, it can be said that as a banana ripens, its sugar content, as well as nutrient quotient, rises. This boosts our immune system and aids cell renewal in the body, thereby preventing tumors.

A riper banana has dark patches, and the TNF or ‘Tumor Necrosis Factor’ is higher in a ripe banana as compared to a yellow or green banana. TNF is nothing but a cancer-fighting substance, which fights against abnormal cell production in our body (2). This information is valid for both spotted as well as stale-looking brown bananas.

4. Brown Banana

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Pale, squishy, and mostly with weird black spots. Though this stale looking banana may appear rotten, thereby tempting you to throw it out – don’t! These soft, funny-looking bananas have benefits that you cannot even think about. They are not only amazing for your bones and muscles, but are also responsible to keep your cortisol levels (read: the hormone responsible for stress) in balance. In a way, this is your squishy brown pill of happiness. It also helps people with digestion problems like irritable bowel movement or bloating by nourishing their gastrointestinal tract.

Bananas have countless other benefits too. It is called a superfood for the same reason. A banana on an average contains only 90 calories and is a rich source of potassium. Potassium is responsible for regulating our heartbeat as well as keeping our brain alert. It also helps in reducing PMS symptoms and avoiding morning sickness. Additionally, this powerhouse of antioxidants also keeps you full for longer, thereby keeping you away from those extra calories – a reason why it plays a major role in the diet charts and breakfast menus worldwide.

We hope that this piece has given you enough reasons to enjoy those banoffee pies, banana salads, and other food items containing bananas. So, the next time when blues strike or you want to go on a diet, don’t forget bananas! Also, additional tip, locate bananas in your house, throw it in a mixer or just freeze it (ripe or extra ripe bananas only) as they make a healthy and delicious dessert.

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